Problem during the night - some smb/ethernet problem?

  • Hello,

    could you help me with a particular problem?

    I use openmediavault as a NAS for 4 Hikvision cameras.

    Despite the quotas, they have reserved space on the hdd.

    Unfortunately, I found out that at night, probably when there is no movement, that after some time (e.g. 30 minutes) they display an HDD exception.

    Then their disk array is reinitialized and after some time it repeats itself again.

    During the day, it doesn't.

    I didn't set the HDD to sleep, so maybe there is no danger.

    I can think of some SMB timeout when it disconnects?

    OR some ethernet sleep?

    It behaves the same when Ethernet. camera cable and reconnect it, or when I restart the server.

    Could help some parameter in "extra option" ?


    How to diagnose what do it?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hellow,

    unfortunately, I foundout that it isnt only at night.

    Maybe it could be about some connection to sleep hdd in RAID? And it is some busy openmediavault NAS and lost connection with cameras?

    I attach log. See time about

    Any Idea?


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    Maybe it could be about some connection to sleep hdd in RAID?

    I guess this sounds a lot like a typical problem. Drives connected via a USB interface that has its own personality.

    Is your NAS a Raspberry?

    Sending a log of more than 29,000 lines with the same message in all of them does not help to solve the problem. No offense, but you should have looked at it before you sent it.

  • No, it's not Rapsberry.

    It's a Gigabyte ga-3150n- d3v

    and Raid 1 is on the first Sata controller. SkyHawk for cameras and temporary files as movies, music are on the second Sata controller.

    In the USB port there is only the system SSD.

    For example, in time around 2023-04-13T16:47:35, a problem appeared.

    I searched in the Linux player ( and there was enable NFS connection to OMV and folder on Raid. 

    2 HDD in Raid are set to sleep mode after 20 minutes.

    So I turned off NFS. And I try use SMB and only to connect on always running SkyHawk hdd.

    So maybe some packet is sending a Wake up and the cpu/chipset is during wake up is very busy?

  • 2 HDD in Raid are set to sleep mode after 20 minutes.

    1 HDD Seagate SkyHawk in Sata3 port (second Sata conttoler) for Hik. cameras isn't set to sleep.

    1SSD in USB frame (for OMV system)

    isn't set to sleep.

    NFS was set to folder on Raid.

    From Yesterday shutting off errors on Hikvision cameras not appeared.

    But is it normal that when NFS mounts or wakes up Raid, it causes other SMB connections to be busy?

    Thanks You

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