When I try to access web gui it shows the placeholder page

  • I have OMV 6 running on my RPI 4, I also have Pihole running within a container and Plex on the system aswell.

    A few days ago I updated some plugins and then rebooted the system. From then I can no longer access the web gui but the file shares are running as normal and Pihole and Plex both function fine.

    I have been trying and failing to fix this myself.

    My latest attempt involved trying to restart the nginx service and it “Failed with result exit-code” I believe this might be the root cause of the problem but no idea on how to fix it.

    Some extra details I set up a Vlan for Pihole to prevent a clash so OMV and Pihole are on different IP addresses.

    While trying to fix this issue I have come across many “could not open lock file Permission Denied” errors.

    I have added a photo of the nginx errors

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