No IPv6 on bond device

  • I'm using OMV 6.9.11-4 (Shaitan) . My ISP provides a /56 IPv6 subnet.

    My laptop is on Windows 11, IPv4 and IPv6 are configured for DHCP and there are no issues. I get IPs for both protocols and can communicate via IPv4 and IPv6 without problem. Because of that, I would exclude the ISP or a network misconfiguration as a problem.

    The OMV NAS is in the same network. I've created a bond device, because it's attached via 2x LAN cables to my switch. The switch is also configured for LACP. In OMV I get an IPv4 address and can reach all internal and external targets. Only IPv6 gets no address from the subnet and I can't use IPv6 for communication. The bond is configured for DHCP on IPv4 and IPv6.

    What's the problem here?

  • Bond0 LACP for IPV4 needs to be "Static" and configured for 802.3ad protocol mode if you use LACP . Why would you need IPv6 anyway?

    Linux Mint (Edge) EndeavourOS Arch Linux

    OMV7 NAS, bond0 LACP, Fractal Design Define R5 Case, Kodi "Omega", FreeBSD pfSense Plus firewall/router

  • IPv4 works flawless with enabled DHCP, even with 802.3ad. I'm doing development and require IPv6. No matter for what reason. I'd like to have IPv6 on the bond device.

    Never had a need nor use for IPv6 so cannot help you there. I also use bond0 LACP 802.3ad (3 rj45 lanes), but I use "Static" as I need to know my NAS server IP at any given time.

    Linux Mint (Edge) EndeavourOS Arch Linux

    OMV7 NAS, bond0 LACP, Fractal Design Define R5 Case, Kodi "Omega", FreeBSD pfSense Plus firewall/router

  • I think I found a way. As you can see on screenshot, IPv4 and IPv6 are configured to use DHCP. When changing IPv6 from DHCP to "Auto" the network is restarted and the machine gets it IPv6 address and all is working fine then. Think, I stick with this setting.

    Btw: I realized I've tried to Ping6 my IPv4 Gateway, nevertheless DHCP doesn't seem to be the correct option in my case.

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    Yep, seems to work. Even after reboot, the bond device gets it IPv6 address now.

    votdev Can you say, whats the difference between DHCP and Auto setting?

    I'm too lazy :-), but that's what ChatGPT answered:


    IPv6 DHCP assigns IP addresses and network settings centrally through a server, offering control and additional configuration parameters like DNS addresses. Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) allows devices to autonomously generate IPv6 addresses using router-provided information without a centralized server, simplifying setup but focusing primarily on address assignment. DHCPv6 is more scalable and supports failover mechanisms, while SLAAC is simpler and lacks inherent failover capabilities. Networks often use both DHCPv6 and SLAAC concurrently for centralized control and simplified address assignment.

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