USB Backup Plugin device is not listed

  • I am trying to set up automatic backup using the USB backup plugin. I have a 5TB Seagate external HDD with a single NTFS partition on it. When I connect this drive to the OMV server, it is recognized correctly and is visible in the disks list. However, I cannot select it as it is not listed in the device dropdown in the USB Plugin create dialog.

    Any other USB drives (NTFS) are working as expected.

    Is there a way to know why this particular disk is not being listed in the dropdown?

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  • Thanks Votdev.

    I've managed to resolve the issue. It turned out that the HDD contained two partitions. The first one was the "Microsoft Reserved Partition" and was not visible in the Windows Disk Management tool. I was only able to see and delete it using the diskpart tool in Windows.

    If anyone encounters a similar issue in the future, I recommend checking the partitions on your disk. You can run the following command in the OMV console to check if it shows more than one partition:

    sfdisk /dev/sdd

    Don't forget to replace sdd with your actual disk name.

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