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    I have installed OMV - how do I login for the first time?

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    PASSWORD=The one you set with the Installation

    I want to install / have installed OMV - how do I get started?

    New User Guide:

    I´ve lost the WebInterface password. How do I reset it?
    Simply connect via ssh to your OMV or login locally on your OMV machine and type in: omv-firstaid . There is an option to reset your password!

    How do I backup and restore my OMV Installation?
    You can save a copy of your /etc/openmediavault/config.xml but use it JUST for reference! Do not copy/paste it on your newly installed OMV. If you want a full backup which you can restore and boot with, use clonezilla. If want to back up or clone a USB boot drive, or other flash media, there are several options; Win32 Disk Imager (Windows), Etcher (cross platform) and clonezilla (cross platform) are a few choices.

    My drives do not show up in the device list
    You first have to wipe them via the OMV WebInterface under Storage >> Physical Disks. They will be available right after that.

    I cannot see any sidebar with OMV - where is it?
    Your device is detected as a mobile device, that causes the side bar to be deactivated. If you do not use a mobile device, you may use another browser agent.

    I'm looking for more Information about OpenMediaVault. Where can I find it?
    Have a look at the OpenMediaVault Documentation:

    What should I use as a system drive?
    If flash media is used, installing the openmediavault-flashmemory plugin is strongly advised. Debian as well as OMV are writing and reading almost constantly on your system drive. Therefore, if you do not install the flashmemory plugin,you will burn the chip on a USB stick in no time... Alternately, you can use old notebook HDD´s. Any drive size you have available. Note that the drive will only be available for the OpenMediaVault system. You cannot use it (also not partly) as a data drive by default. You can also use a USBtoSata converter or an external USB HDD. You can, of course, build standard drive of your choice (HDD or SSD).

    I have a problem. What do you need from me to be able to help me?
    Anything we ask you for. Under Diagnostics >> System Information, in the Reports Tab, please gather Information from your system that can help us to solve your problem.

    A Moderator asks me to upload my OpenMediaVault config.xml. How can I filter out passwords out of it before posting?
    You can use the following command to create a config.xml where all password fields are replaced: xmlstarlet ed -P -u \"//*/password\" -v \"xxxxx\" /etc/openmediavault/config.xml.bak

    I found a newer Plugin version in the repository, should I install it?
    No, always install Plugins via the webinterface. The Plugins you found may not work on your Version of OpenMediaVault or are from the unstable Repo and can screw up your system.

    I need a software/plugin running on my OMV Server
    FIRST - have a look here omv-extras Maybe there is already a plugin available which you can simply install via the GUI. If there is no plugin available...
    SECOND - Install Docker and the openmediavault-compose plugin (or Portainer and/or Yacht if you prefer).
    FINALLY... Have a look in the Guides Forum
    There are many tutorials available.
    If you cannot find it there and you cannot find it via the search field on the upper right corner here, feel free to create a thread.

    The Plugin is available but does not appear in your Plugin list?
    In OMV-Extra's, Make sure you enabled the correct repository(s)
    Click on the "check" button above the plugins page
    Check the second site of plugins (yes, there is more than only one!)
    OMV-Engined debug mode: (If a Mod asked for it)
    monit stop omv-engined
    omv-engined -d -f

    Something isn't working right in my Webbrowser.
    Try to clear your Browser Cache or do a forced reload (Ctrl+Shift+R). Especially try Incogknito Mode in Google Chrome.

    I cannot execute a program/script via SSH/CLI.
    You can't execute anything that lies on your data drives (/srv/dev-disk-by-UUID/...). Those drives are mounted with 'noexec'. Move your program/script to the OS Disk instead.

    I have a script that I use to do (insertanything here). Where should I place it?
    Place them in /usr/local/bin, not in /home or on any other data disk
    You've created a useful script for OMV? Please share it with us and create a new thread with a HowTo on the forum. Thanks!

    I have an i386, RPi, ARM device - can I use it with OMV?
    Have a look at the installation guides here:

    Should I install Plugins manually via the .deb file?
    No, Plugins should always installed via the Webinterface. The only exception for that is the Plugin repository.

    Can I upgrade to Debian Testing/Unstable or a newer Debian Stable version?
    No. You can't.

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