openmediavault-emby plugin (formerly mediabrowser)

  • Emby stated there was a new version yesterday so I forced update to that I'm now on 3.0.5986.0 I no longer get the too many open files error but the program stops responding after "awhile" and I'm forced to restart it in OMV by turning the plugin off, saving the config change, accepting the change then turning it back on, saving, accepting. Just clicking restart doesn't seem to do anything. Nothing else has been updated so I'm guessing the issue is still with mono.

    On a different note for the mods I think the reason my account was being banned was due to my VPN end point getting flagged for spam. I've switched end points now.

  • I'm wondering if it's related to me using mergerfs? It seems to freeze the most when a library scan takes place or I'm doing an identify on a movie/tv show. I'm sleeping the HD's in my array so there is always a good 5-10 seconds for each to wake up. That delay may be causing the issue?

  • Also havin issues.

    Windows Firefox works fine, but Android App, Android TV App and Kodi with emby Plugin stop displaying after a ~10 seconds.
    No errors, playing time goes on, both on app and on the emby client overview on the server.

    Downgrade to Mono 4.2 and reinstall solved the problem

  • The new beta is working with mono 4.4.1. To use it temporarily edit this file:


    Look for the line with the LINK variable and change what is in the quotes. Make the line read like this:


    Then use the force upgrade button in the plugin and then wait like 20 seconds and then click the restart button.

    When this upgrade is pushed out as the latest version we will have you change the link variable back.

    A big thanks to Luke and solabc16 @ Emby development!!!

  • It's great that they fixed the mono bug. tekkb are you updating the omv-emby plugin for omv 3 based on this new emby beta this weekend or are you waiting for an official release?


  • I will wait til they get these fixes to the latest stable version. The plugin is close to being updated for omv 3.0.21+. Give it a week or so. I have not been on as much lately. It is Summer and been doing a lot with my kid.

  • I haven't experienced any issues in the 72 beta. I changed it to the 74 above. 72 no longer available. Luke said he may push the fixes to the latest stable today. If he does this we can use the old LINK variable again.

  • Everyone that has not used the beta version should upgrade. There is a new version that fixes any issues with mono 4.4.1. Also people that changed the LINK variable in this file:


    Can change the link variable back to this and do an upgrade with the button in the plugin and then a restart.


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