Migration from synology to omv

  • Hi there, i have an array of 3x6tb SHR (synology hybrid Raid) wich is actually RAID 5 below the Synology software layer. The file system is EXT4. Do you think there will be any change to instal the array within a OMV setup without loosing data. This is my output of cat /proc/mdstat

    md1 & md0 are DSM system and swap partition. So i need md2 which is my data

  • I am wondering, if i connect the array does it need extra handlings to get my shared folders in the omv interface? I assume i wont see the (shared)folder structure right away?

    That's right. Two weeks ago I have moved a raid5 consisting of five 2TB drives from one mainboard to a totally different hardware and the raid was recognized without problems. Both systems were running OMV 1.0.20, but I don't know how Synology handles a raid, does it use mdadm?
    The shares were not present due to the missing config, but no problem:
    Open a SSH session and have a look into the /media folder, the raid should be seen there as a subdirectory with a long name, something like 6c79e3f-5e6bf3.... and so on. Under this directory the shares are stored with their names like they were once configured.
    Just add these shares on the new box with the same names, add users and set the privileges and add these shares to the SMB config. All the contents of the shares were present and usable.

    But take care: As written above I don't know how Synology handles a raid. Have a complete backup of your valuable data before trying this.

    Homebox: Bitfenix Prodigy Case, ASUS E45M1-I DELUXE ITX, 8GB RAM, 5x 4TB HGST Raid-5 Data, 1x 320GB 2,5" WD Bootdrive via eSATA from the backside
    Companybox 1: Standard Midi-Tower, Intel S3420 MoBo, Xeon 3450 CPU, 16GB RAM, 5x 2TB Seagate Data, 1x 80GB Samsung Bootdrive - testing for iSCSI to ESXi-Hosts
    Companybox 2: 19" Rackservercase 4HE, Intel S975XBX2 MoBo, C2D@2200MHz, 8GB RAM, HP P212 Raidcontroller, 4x 1TB WD Raid-0 Data, 80GB Samsung Bootdrive, Intel 1000Pro DualPort (Bonded in a VLAN) - Temp-NFS-storage for ESXi-Hosts

  • Hello I have a similar question for migration form a synology NAS, I have 4 HDD 4To on DSM 6.2.1 and the file system is BTRFS, I would install the latest version of OMV, does OMV import my data without lost ?

    Sorry for my english.

    Have a nice day !

  • Very simple:

    Start with a fresh installation of omv. Update it throroughly and reboot. Activate the Samba service and apply, do not enter shares.

    ssh as root or use the console (you need the root password, used when installing openmediavault).

    # fsck -Cfy /dev/md2

    # mkdir /media/md2

    # mount /dev/md2 /media/md2

    # nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

    Add therein the following lines at the end:


    path = /media/md2

    browseable = yes

    read only = no

    valid users = nobody root


    # smbpasswd -a root

    # systemctl restart smbd

    And, voila, you have a Samba share with your RAID share md2. Proceed similarly for different names of that share.

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