newbie to OpenMediaVaultan

  • i have been using N4F for some time and found OPV and was intrigued it was able to do everything that i wanted with plugins namely plex media server i installed (or tried to install the 32 bit version from a CD to USB and first thing i get the GRUB wouldn't install on the hard drive so i tried the LILO and was able to get that to work or so i thought after install when it tells you to remove the CD and reboot i get half a screen of the number 40 and then nothing so i look in wiki and it says to disable the serial port in bios, done. then it said to disable all my drives except the one that will be used for the OS, Done so that is the extent of where im at can someone point me in a direction that will help or ideas to correct this problem thanks i have a small Pentium PC that i have been using for my NAS with a 4GB usb stick tried to install 1.0.20

  • I don't know how to solve your problem, but you should probably not use a USB stick for the system. They tends to die off pretty quickly due to repeated i/o. Also, the latest version of OMV is 1.9. Try using the updated system maybe?

    Hardware configurations
    CPU: Intel Pentium T4400 @2.20 GHz
    RAM: 3GB
    HDD:350GB HGST Travelstar

    Pretty much just an old laptop :D

  • a few things...
    first... ditch the usb drive as your system drive... I pushed against this and killed 3 usb drives in a week
    second... you really need to just let grub do it's deal lilo doesn't work.. at least I couldn't get it to.
    disconnect all drives except your main drive you are going to be installing to....
    plug into the first sata port
    and the drive SHOULD come up as sda in the omv installer.... once you get that... grub will install properly
    grub for debian installs only to sda... no way getting around it. It's not the OMV team's fault... it's debian.

    good luck duder.

  • Everything he said.

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

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