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    1. I am getting ready to sign up with a VPN service. I will be installing the VPN service onto a new ASUS RT-AC3200 router that I have flashed with Merlin 384.13.8
    2. My network configuration goes from a modem > AC3200 > 24 port switch. My understanding is that the entire network is protected once the VPN resides on the router.
    3. QUESTION: Is there any further tweaking, configuring, omv-extras, or otherwise, required on OMV 5 for optimal function of the network now that everything (speed primarily) will be influenced by the VPN??????

    As most forum members on here know , I am not an accomplished OMV individual. Thus - rather elementary questions.

    I am setting up a new Asus RT-AC3200 router. I want to use a different router IP subnet than I have been up until now. Rather than two digits for my third octet, I am wanting to change to 3 digits. The subnet mask will remain at

    Do I need to go inside the WEBUI to do anything or will my router automatically find the OMV5 server?

    I'm sure it's probably just me but Plex is anything other than - "to the point". I have been around the circle so many times I'm dizzy. I have successfully installed Plex via TechnoDadLife's [Plex via Portainer] video. However, past that and the whole FUN experience goes downhill for me once inside Plex. I have set up folders and all that stuff but then Plex lays it on me that it is "unable to connect to [my server] securely". Henceforth starts my mega time merry-go-round ride with Plex, OMV5, and Tomato v1.28 Shibby router firmware. Does anyone have a one, two, three procedure for getting Plex to work on this seemingly simple(x) turned complex adventure? I'm certain it can be done otherwise so much attention to installing it in OMV5 would not have ventured out to us all in the first place.

    Seriously - could some forum smart folk help me through all this? All I'm trying to do is enjoy some recorded TV shows via Plex. I didn't want to sign up to be a rocket scientist. :S

    Never mind, finally got it to take. this time I entered in lower case letters only. However, I would like to know if there are any omv-firstaid limitations on the type of characters/special chararcters allowed if anyone has any input.

    When I assign a new administrator password in omv-firstaid, it does not seem to be taking it, thus, I'm locked out of OMV5. Have tried numbers, text, and special characters combinations. Have also tried numbers only. Am I missing something?

    He was just listed ONE thing that COULD cause it. There are many things that could. Removing a plugin instead of purging it could cause this (the web interface purges) What is the output of: dpkg -l | grep openm

    Thanks for replying ryecoaaron. It has been a trying/difficult enough day that I decided to just reinstall OMV5. I wasn't far enough along anyway to have wasted a lot of time. This is all in prep to get Plex installed via Portainer and up and running. Kept doing little things wrong so just decided to start over with a clean slate rather than do patch work and investigating.

    This is an indication that the share IS still referenced in the database. One reason is that a uninstalled plugin didn't cleanup the database.

    Thank you for replying. Any assumption as to which uninstalled plugin? If you provide an answer should I then install that particular plugin.

    I have noticed that I cannot delete any of my shared folders. The [Delete] button is remaining grayed out for all the shared folders. One folder in particular is fooling me - I have deleted a folder in SMB shares but now cannot delete in Shared Folders. The strange thing is that the folder is showing as referenced [Yes] after having been deleted in SMB.

    Any comments from anyone? I'm wondering if this will affect where I point media to regarding Plex.

    Just noticed this is how my folder tree looks this morning. Now I'm thinking I might have to redo the whole Sharing Folders thingy and also in Portainer. However, is it safe to just delete everything relative to Sharing and start over again - or what????


    I have been installing Plex onto OMV5 and something I don't understand occurred during my folder structure design and setup for SMB folder sharing:

    Notice in picture OMV5_S002: I was expecting to see only my created folders to show up in the PleX_NAS2210 folder. Notice how all the folders are also showing as top level in the tree. Why is that?

    Pictures OMV5_S003 and OMV5_S004 show how I have created the folders.


    It doesn't matter where the PMS Transcode folder is. There is no advantage to having it on an SSD either. And by default OMV will not offer the system drive as a user data storage location.

    You're better off just putting it in the same place as the PMS metadata directory is which is the default.

    But if you insist on doing this, just create the folder in the shell and adjust its ownership and permissions such that PMS can use it. You'll have to create an appropriate Bind mount in the docker setup for it and configure PMS to use the now non default location.

    Everything you suggested in first two lines is good enough for me. Best to not complicate things. Thanks gderf

    While watching the instructional by TDL here > Install Plex with Portainers at timeline 4:30 he mentions not having an SSD for the transcode folder. My OMV5 install is using a 120GB Kingston SSD. Would it be [acceptable] or would it be [ill advised] for me to place the transcode folder on that same SSD?

    If it were to be acceptable how do I make a folder for it on the OMV5 OS drive?

    Just be careful during installation. You don't want to install OMV on the wrong drive ;-)
    Consider pulling the plug from the data drives for the installation.

    Great. Okay. I think I feel pretty confident in all of this now. Thank you macom for guidance and confirmation. If anything else comes to mind (from anyone) - please post.

    Have a good day.