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    No need to be sorry. I went and installed Windows 7 on the computer. Shared the drives on the network I needed. Downloaded Create Synchronicity to run backups and scheduled those back ups to run every morning. Its been working fine with not problems. It was 10 times easier to set up than this complicated linux nonsense.

    Peace out. I dont think ill ever come back to this.

    Look at page 64 and following of this guide:…9/GettingStarted.pdf/file

    If I can do it, anybody can.

    Ok thanks that didnt work. I tested it by using two USB sticks. I shared both through SMB. I copied some data to USB 1 and set the job to run. When that was completed I tried to open USB 2 from my desktop computer and it said that it was unable to mount the share. OMV Web page shows data on it and shared. I tried to remove the share and add it back in and that didnt work. I used to be a trucker too and I think thats why I have lost patience with these types of things that dont work. I rather just pay for something that it does. I am gonna go back to something that I know that works. Consider this thread closed. Thanks.

    Thanks. But that seems to be too complicated. I cant even find how to install it. When I go to plugins and type rsync nothing comes up. Is there anything other than OMV that isnt this Linux complicated mess? I dont mind paying for it.

    What would people use to back up shared folders? I have 2 disks in my OMV machine that I would like to set up so that it automatically makes a back up of disk A to disk B. Any changes made in disk A would be made in disk B automatically. I have been searching online but I am only finding how to make a system back up. Im not interested in that or any encryption. I just want a folder back up and thats it. Thanks.

    Sorry but that's all gibberish to me. I do appreciate your input however I don't know what to do with any of that or if its going to mess my system if i start typing stuff in CLI without knowing what exactly it is doing. And this is exactly what I have been trying to explain for the last few days in this thread. If I cant do it through GUI I wont even bother.

    Sorry but that's all gibberish to me. I do appreciate your input however I don't know what to do with any of that or if its going to mess my system if i start typing stuff in CLI without knowing what exactly it is doing.

    With LVM, you have to know how to use it. You can't reduce a volume group if there is an LV on that physical volume.zfs has installed many, many times on OMV 4 for me. What are these countless errors?

    How is that a suggestion? The suggestions I gave do work in the GUI. I never said they are for the millions of average users. The only reason Rockstor is easier in your case is because of btrfs. lvm and mdadm are much older and more complicated.
    You are not an average user if you add and remove disks all the time. Average users add a couple of disks and just want it to work. They *might* add a disk but very, very few people remove disks. Adding works very well with mergerfs.

    I dont know what errors were. As soon as I encounter errors I ditch everything and move onto something that is proven to work. I dont have a know how on how to monkey with things in CLI nor do I want to. And Im not sure why we are going back and forth with this. From the beginning I have only claimed that Rockstor might be easier for people like me and you have said it yourself that any options in OMV will be harder to set up for someone like me. And for the last time, yes mergerfs will remove and add disks fine however the data does not get moved over prior to disk being removed. Im not sure how hard is to understand that when in GUI I select to remove disk and once the disk is removed I check the folder in question and the data is gone.

    Hi ZanosG,

    You can have linear RAID with mdadm.
    For example, I have 4x2To RAID 5 for main storage, and make backups of that datas every night with rsnapshot on a 3x2To Linear RAID.

    That works perfect for me, and very easy to configure with OMV GUI.

    Thanks for your input but I cant even find anything on google on how to install this mdadm at all. If I had that many drives and had RAID 5 I would have no problem with growing it. The problem is that with Linear you cant grow it or remove disks. You have to break the RAID and start all over again and thats when all your data is gone.

    So I tried LVM2. I was able to add physical disks under Volume Groups but I was not able to remove any. When I clicked on Reduce, all I got was the page with no disks listed. zfs didnt want to install at all on OMV4. There were countless errors. mdadm I didnt try.

    One suggestion, If I cant do it through GUI its simply not going to work for me and for millions of other average users. Hence why I was saying that Rockstor might be more helpful.

    Ok troll. I don’t know why you are recommending something else in the OMV forum due to one filesystem choice. There are plenty of filesystem choices in OMV that dont behave this way. Pretty sure Rockstor doesn’t do anything magical with mergerfs to do something else (if it even supports mergerfs). And last time I checked, there isn’t a filesystem or raid type supported by Rockstor that isn’t supported by OMV.

    OMV has nothing to loose if I recommend something else that will make things easier for those people. OMV is free so they are not loosing any revenue. No, Rockstor uses BTRFS but to me thats all besides the point. When I asked on here about a filesystem that would be able to do what I want I was told that mergerfs can not do things this way. I have 8TB and 4TB drives in my system and I have them set up in Liner Raid right now for total of 12TB of space. I had 8TB and 4TB merged together too with mergerfs before I found out that I just cant add or remove drives without loosing data so for me there was no difference between setting up Linear Raid with these two drives or using mergerfs. Lets say I want to add another 8TB and then remove the old 8TB. Under Rockstor I can create pool and select Linear Raid. Then I can add and remove drives without data being removed as long as there is enough room for the data on the drives that are staying in the system. And I can do all this with few clicks because the system is set up so you dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure things out. Im not knocking OMV. Im just pointing out that some other system might be better for some people.

    Im talking Linear RAID. See above.

    mergerfs works on top of existing filesystems. Creating a pool will not do anything to the files on the current filesystems. You can add/remove drives whenever you want. If a drive fails, you will just lose access to the files on that drive.

    OP, this is the problem with mergerfs. Here is what happens, if you have 3 drives and you create a pool with them and then you decide to remove one of the drives your data on that drive will be removed from the pool. I would suggest installing Rockstor instead of OMV due to a fact that when you create a pool in Rockstor and you want to remove the drive but keep all the data Rockstor will move the data to the drives you are keeping. OMV does not seem to have anything like this unless you go with RAID.

    If you DO NOT have any data on the drive you can run diskpart and clear it that way

    Click to open windows menu (or just press windows logo button on the keyboard)
    Type in Diskpart
    When the window opens wait for the DISKPART>
    After DISKPART> type in list disk, you will see a list of your disks
    Type in "select disk 2 or 3" depending on the number the disk shows up under, it will say that disk is selected. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO SELECT THE WRONG DRIVE!!!!!!
    Type in "clean", wait for it to be done.
    Format the drive in windows under Computer Menagement

    So I wanted to set my OMV computer to boot at 10 am. It is set to shut down at 2 am. So it will be off between those hours.

    Time in bios is set to right time with boot time set to 10 am.
    Time in OMV is set by NTP Server ( and I have the right Time Zone selected.

    The problems i am having is that the computer boots up at 3 am instead of 10 am. It shuts down at the right time. Im assuming this is something with Time Zones but I just dont see why this would be happening because I have everything set up correctly. There is no Time Zones selection in Bios. Does OMV adjust Bios time? If it doesnt I might just set the bios to boot at 3pm. Thanks.