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    macom wrote:Have you checked if the OS filesystem is full? It is also one of the "common problems" items.

    If this is also not the case, please describe your problem in more detail. You write, you try to access the GUI, but you can't. What happens, when you put the IP of your OMV in the browser address?
    sorry for not enough to exlpain. i'm not good at linux so i can't explain very well...

    this is my best to what i can do...

    imglink =…%2Fbbs%2Fi15074124763.jpg

    Check the link in my signature regarding common problems

    In your article, I've searched for things that might fit my situation.

    1. i did clear your browser cache. (even i tried 4 another phone and computer)

    2. i already set DNS Server.

    3. i can connect OMV system by SSH.

    uh..... it's not good a t omv3. i spend 4hours for install...

    but in omv4 i think it is good

    i tried to access omv web gui, but i can't
    even i cleared web control panel cache with omv-firstaid by putty.

    but i can use trasmission, samba, ftp, plex service

    i look up for solution in this forum which is restart apache2, but it say it doesn't have apache2...

    so what can i do???

    Thanks for answers. i'll try to install to sd card!!


    i'm used omv by rasberry pi with 8TB external HDD, but its speed isn't enough to use..

    so i bought intel J3455 system. (Asrock J3455-ITX) but i forgot to buy another storage for install OMV.

    So... can i use USB or SDcard to install OMV?

    I also have a reader that can connect SD card directly to USB