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    I would not like to upgrade as I have no backup of the files and the directories are in use even though the web interface is not accessible

    You are already in trouble. Your first order of business should be to get a back up of your data. Disk failure is never a matter of if, but when.

    macom was merely pointing out the fact that despite your immediate problem, you have a long-term problem that will inevitably cause you problems down the road.

    Surely the beauty of PiHole is you change the DNS on the router so no need to do so all your devices?

    Not All devices, only devices with static ip's.

    From the Guide:

    “Bronco” here. With fresh stewed tomatoes. Better than any Kroger KM0201 <X

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    4. For the phone - connected to the 2.4 WiFi from my router - there is IP4 from DHCP server, gateway is my router IP and DNS are my router IP and OMV IP

    I am guessing that Adguard works similar to Pi Hole (I’ve never used Adguard) but with PiHole you enter ONLY that one address for your DNS in all of your devices. You should have only one address - the address of your DNS. if you have a second address, that allows for a path to bypass the ad blocking of PiHole - or in your case Adguard. Do not include your router’s IP in your devices’ DNS settings. Someone above may have mentioned this already but a quick scan didn’t reveal that to me, or I may be mistaken as to the similarities between Adguard and PiHole. Anyone?

    So, O' Lord of the land. How many acres have ye?

    Four acres of the finest sandy loam in Oklahoma, but that is not what this forum is about. If you would like to help me pick green beans, pm me. BTW, tomorrow's high is forecast to be 101 F.

    who's Volker? I'm inferring that it's Agricola in context, but not clear.

    BIG Laugh. Rolling all over the floor. I am to Volker what an ant is to the Almighty! No harm done, but humorous.

    Do I somehow give off that aura? I cannot imagine how. Agricola is Latin for farmer or man of the land.

    What do you get when you: sudo apt-get install linux-image-amd64

    Shazam! So why didn't they install with the Update Installer? Other than it's Alpha?

    In an OMV 6 install on vm I have a couple of packages hanging around in Update Manager for a week or so after running updates. Here is what returns when I select install:

    Reading package lists...
    Building dependency tree...
    Reading state information...
    Calculating upgrade...
    The following packages have been kept back:
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.

    What little I am doing with the test install is still working fine. I just wanted to note the issue to see if there is something wrong.

    The option is grayed out because the drive is referenced in OMV by one or more services.

    The usb backup plugin may be what you are looking for. I have not used it but I understand that you plug it in and it does a backup, and when finished it automatically unmounts the drive.