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    Since I don't have a backup of OMV5:


    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Backing up an SD card is stupid easy, but you have to do it before it breaks, not after. This is a really good and simple backup tutorial for all three platforms:

    There may be a way to do what you want (I don’t think so) but it will be kind of like cutting off a leg to get rid of that annoying limp. Just saying. Sorry.

    I just performed a little test. I upgraded one machine via GUI and another machine via the command line. Of course the two upgrades were from different versions. The second machine hasn't been on in a while so there were some differences in what was being upgraded, but here is what I found:

    GUI: There was no Apply banner when the upgrade finished.

    Command Line: There was an Apply banner and a reboot notice on the GUI when the command line finished.

    So there you have it. Depending on what you hate, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. No harm done and it works correctly either way.

    Have a good day.

    Now myself, not being a “guy” hater, I have noticed recently when upgrading that there is an Apply notice to finalize the upgrade. Now those questions are above my pay grade.

    Not much to go on here. Maybe now is a good time to clean install OMV 5 on a 32GB flash drive and then back it up with a second 32GB flash drive. :)

    Sounds like you started on the right track but strayed off some where. This is just my opinion but the best boot drive for your equipment is a 32GB Sandisk Ultra Flair. Buy two right off the bat, the second one for a backup.

    1. They are inexpensive.
    2. They are easy to back up.
    3. They free up a sata connection.
    4. With the flash memory plugin they last a really long time - years and years.

    Sounds like you are still in the experimental stage. Don’t worry about messing up and starting over. All Most of us have had to start over many times. The first thing you need to learn once you get a basic boot drive up is how to back it up AND restore from the backup. Here’s a good starter document.

    If you use the command line it’s

    ln -s /path/to/original /path/to/link

    if you use the plugin it’s even easier:

    1. Install the Symlinks plugin.
    2. Go to Shared Folders.
    3. Click on one of the little triangle/squares next to a category on a line and a drop-down will appear.
    4. Check Absolute Path and that category should appear for all your shared folders.
    5. You should see something like /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-alongstringoflettersandnumbers/media.
    6. Go to the Symlinks plugin in the OMV GUI to create your symlinks.
    7. Copy the last part for your source. Example: /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-alongstringoflettersandnumbers
    8. Make the symlink (destination) for your file path something simple like/srv/disk1.
    9. If you have more than one data drive create a symlink for each drive. Name it after each file system: /srv/disk1, /srv/disk2, /srv/backup, etc.
    10. Save and apply.
    11. Now you can simply use /srv/disk1/media, /srv/disk1/config, /srv/disk1/Nextcloud.

    Try that. There is really nothing to break, so if this doesn’t work for you just delete the symlink and start over. Use the symlink just like you would a real file path.

    To change the look of the GUI you need to create a file named theme-custom.css in /var/www/openmediavault/css/. There is a sample css file here to get you started.

    -v /var/lib/docker/duckdns:/config \

    I also noticed your docker storage path is pointing to your boot drive. This too could lead to problems down the road. It needs to be somewhere on a data disk, something like /srv/dev-disk-by...../docker/duckdns

    There are a couple of items in the example docker cli code that also differ from yours"

    1. The example above does not list a dns entry.
    2. The LOG_FILE variable is set to false, and is optional BTW.

    maar10media I am curious, why are you using docker cli method and not docker-compose? I'm not saying it is wrong, but it seems that most on the forum use the docker-compose format to deploy containers, and thus you might get a bit more input regarding a solution if you went that route. Also, as gderf posted above puid=998 is the root admin user, and that is considered not the best practices for several reasons admin is just intended for use with the GUI. You should create a regular user in the Users tab of the GUI, giving you a user id of 1000 or above. Add that user to the ssh and sudo groups and you will make the "code gods" happy.

    Can I add rsync to scheduled jobs instead if I know the command? Will it work?

    Which way is preferred in OMV and why?

    Yes you can. Yes it will. I don't think there is an "official" preferred way. I do a rsync from a scheduled job to back up my main drive to a backup drive on the same machine. You can see the command in my signature below my post