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    Hi Guys,

    I was able to activate LetsEncrypt this morning without using the docker network that was created. For some reason, if I included that, then it would not work. Not sure what issues that will cause.

    Regardless, I can see now why the interface is not exposed to the WWW. Changing the UI port resolves that issue!

    I guess now it is time to try setup another docker on one of the subdomains and see if it accepts the SSL.

    Thanks for your help.

    I have seen the video multiple times. Even before I posted today.

    I can only assume, the letsencrypt container has the proxy included within the container, so when you browse to you would specify the URL on the receiving container and it would load plex. The same would be for it would load the Home Assistant container?

    The issue I have is, my router does not support Port Address Translation (PAT) so I am not able to forward port 80 -> 90 and 443 -> 450. But even with using PAT, I can't see how multiple containers would work on the same IP Address and Port without some element directing the header request to the correct container.

    I use letsencrypt to use HTTPS to access my containers,

    Maybe I am over thinking here.

    But letsencrypt requires port 443 to be open and forwarding to your OMV IP Address. So if you browse to your DNS address, does it not route to the OMV login page? -> WAN IP ADDRESS -> http://HTTPS://LANIPADDRESS (OMV LOGIN)

    Would you not need a reverse proxy to route requests based on URL headers to other ports? -> WAN IP ADDRESS -> http://HTTPS://LANIPADDRESS -> REVERSE PROXY -> http://HTTPS://LANIPADDRESS:8443

    All you need to do in your router is expose the OMV machine IP address and only the specific port (or ports) the container is using. This does not expose the entire OMV machine to the world.

    Ok, So what your saying, the containers will always use the same IP Address and you just permit the ports you select for the container applications.

    No need to assign a detected LAN address to each container.

    Hi All,

    I am new to OMV and Docker. I am really enjoying the challenge and self learning, not to mention it is also helpful for my career. However I have some questions.

    I know how to make OMV accessible to the internet. That is working perfectly fine, however I do not want to make the whole OMV system available to the external world, I would only want, let's say, Home Assistant or ZoneMinder which is running in its own container. What I would like to do, would be assign a local IP Address to the container so I can port forward 443 traffic to this software directly. Excluding the routing settings, could anyone point me to a document that details assigning a static IP Address to the container so it can be accessed on the physical network. (Not the same IP Address as OMV)

    There is a chance I could be miss understanding the requirements here, and I just need to assign the IP Address to the software?

    thanks in advance.