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    Hi again,

    my Server is still running smoothly :)

    But I was wondering if you could help me with some 'update'-issues, I started wondering because of 'nextcry':…y-issue-in-nginx-php-fpm/

    So the first thing I was wondering is: do I have nginx, I checked that in the docker file -> yes I do.
    The next thing I was wondering is: do I have the newest php-Version -> not sure. I don't know how to open the 'version.php' on that server, it will always redirect me. There is probably a better way, to find out, but I don't know how yet.
    Then I wondered: How to update the docker-file itself: did that with just building again 'docker-compose up -d' I think, but not sure :)
    Then I read, that sometimes there is a need to delete certain configs before restarting. Do I have to edit it all over again after that?

    I feel, that I should ask for advice before(!) I mess up my install..
    Well, what I am asking is: would you guys be so kind to help/to guide me?
    Where should I start, what should I do, what should I never do?
    or start with more focus: How do I check if I am save against 'nextcry'.

    I would appreciate it a lot.

    [..] setup the database user and password and there is nothing like that in the docker-compose version.

    In the Info page on docker-hub it says for 'docker-compose':

    - MYSQL_USER=MYSQL USER #optional

    I am not sure, but I expect this to do the same - so you do not need to set up db-name, user and pw via sql in cli.

    (don't know about the error you mentioned)

    You can use any other user. No need to use docker1 for that.

    Sorry, for sticking to that question:
    How I understand you: docker1 is kind of a placeholder for 'some user' I would maybe use 'kriber'.

    The thing I would like to understand is (only with regard to PUID/PGID, not the setup):
    is it more secure to use some user with no sudo/ssh privileges, or does it not matter at all or is it just best-practise?
    Or asked differently, I should probably not use PUID/PGID of root?

    thank you @macom

    I use root, others recommend to use another user. You have to add the user docker1 to the ssh and the sudo group to be able to connect vie ssh and run commands that need elevated privileges. But you can also use any other user that is in the sudo and ssh group.sudo docker-compose up -d

    Is the following true?
    I can use root for the whole setup in your guide and after the setup, user docker1 is running all of the containers (since we enter his PUID)?

    The nice part of that would be that, docker1 might not need sudo-rights, since (some of) these containers are reachable from the internet. I also do like to use root on my system (very convenient), but I recall, that limiting user rights on 'exposed' machines in a good thing to do.
    Of course this only works if docker1 does not need privileges for running a container. I will go ahead and try that :)

    Hi there,

    thanks a lot for this and all the other guides, I am still learning but feel like I am getting there ;)

    Since I made some mistakes earlier with sharedfolders and configuring wrong access rights and not using direct paths to '/srv/dev...-disk1/appdata/..' I just want to confirm some of the steps in detail: (using OMV5 Beta)

    1. I create user docker1 in the GUI with no special groups, just 'users'?
    2. I do not enable 'User Home Directories' from User/Settings in the GUI?
    3a. I create the /home/docker1 folder in CLI with user root and continue with root? or
    3b. I ssh with docker1 and do the whole CLI part with 'him'?
    4. the directory /home/docker1 is only to store .yml-files?

    Again, thanks for your effort!