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    Mapping a smb share to /data does not work due to incompatible permissions. Has been tried before. You can search the forum.

    That is wrong. It perfectly works that way with multi user and even group folder environment. In the beginning I used ACLs but lately disabled ACL completely (to make it less complicated) and now using Samba force user and force group settings to match Nextclouds user and group. On filesystem level access is still restricted to corresponding users by permissions of respective parent directory. Not saying it was easy, but nice project for getting familiar with linux permissions and definitely possible.

    @HannesJo, thank you for the reply, i found the problem .

    I have removed the "#" in the swag's ssl.conf , at the "X-Robots-Tag line ( my mistake ).

    Now is ok,



    Nice 👍 … If swag is the only way your Nextcloud is accessible and you also access other apps via swag, you may re-activate it here and disable at Nextcloud to prevent the error. You should find it at Nextcloud‘s /config/nginx/site-confs/default.

    The problem was that he added a custom header for X-Robots-Tag in the file nextcloud.subdomain.conf. This header is already set at another place what caused the error. In general when you really stick to the guide you don’t get the error.

    I didn't think identifying by gender was appropriate anymore? Now we just identify as (clown world, I tell you)

    In the other hand just now you the only person who bothered me this week with that annoying topic (no offense). Just let them talk how they want and do it your own way. I also don’t understand a single word of Bavarian slang. Still having no problem with it. Language is kind of living. It is how it is. No one should try to dictate anything, doesn’t matter if pro or con gender

    Most likely everybody else that is new like me is doing the same.

    It is a typical mistake to conclude from oneself to everybody. When I started with OMV, I also had never seen anything like it and still never had any problems with it. The many confirmations with OMV6 also bothered me. But here votdev has already relented and scaled it back.

    When I started I was having a hard time to get the difference between sharedfolder privileges and filesystem permissions / acl. Still I would not say it is a problem everyone has. However, votdev has recognized this potential lack of information for many users and added a info box to tell them. Despite being against explaining things outside of docs initially. You certainly can't accuse him of not accepting criticism, even if he's against something at first. I assume if enough users have problems with disabled Netbios, he will come up with something. Currently, support requests doesn't seem to indicate it.

    The rest of your criticism, e.g. of the dashboard widgets, is personal preference. You don't like the current implementation. I don't get it but thats ok. You can decide for yourself if it is so bad for you that you would rather use another operating system.

    Just out of curiosity, are there any cons on enabling netbios? I think tikha has a point that currently it can be pretty difficult to figure out it has to be enabled and how to do it, especially for noobs. Don’t you often say you want things to work out of the box as possible for them?

    Not absolutely certain but I think it would not work since your new Nextcloud setup has a new instance id. So you can indeed setup a new Nextcloud instance but I think the client apps will need a re-login and act like it is another Nextcloud instance (what it is).

    You can of course try to copy the database files, config.php and data directory from the old Nextcloud instance to the new one. But it is kind of tinkering around and you should backup the files on clients first.

    Not absolutely sure atm but yes I think when you search for mce in syslog you should find info about critical hardware errors.

    If you use flashmemory plugin it may be necessary to disable it. (It moves logs to ram and so they get lost on a crash. After reboot you can only find logs from before last normal shutdown)

    Lot of things can cause that. Anything in the logs? Syslog or journal may be of help. Eventually sth like mce what are typ. hardware errors. However, when I had problems with system crashs it always in the end turned out as RAM problem. Thus out of practical experience I personally would recommend to buy a new ram kit and see if the problem is gone.

    Can you also post your docker compose code, your swag proxy-confs/*.nextcloud.conf and proxy.conf? Is your swag a fresh setup or an older one? I think the problem is in the swag proxy conf. Maybe some outdated files or so.

    Please stop with the useless comments and just answer my original question!!!!!

    You asked for instructions on a repair attempt without risking further damage. That is not possible. How to do it with minimum risk of damage is the way I just described. A new drive is necessary for that. When you cannot effort it, you should put it aside and wait until you can. No offense, no insult, no attitude. Simple facts.