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    this was NOT my question. I was asking for advice wich RAID i´m supposed to use. For backup i have the external drive, like i mentioned before.

    You just want some RAID and ask which one you should use. This already shows a major misunderstanding. You would never setup any RAID just because you feel like having one would be cool, or for ‚safety‘. Different kinds of RAID address different needs. So far you did not mention a single need you have that any RAID would address. The answer to your question is: No RAID at all.

    When you have a certain need like „In case of drive failure I must reduce any downtime of my server“ - and you are willing to invest time and money, then there will be a RAID to address it.

    Just setting up a RAID because it feels cool is bullshit.

    I just also checked the SSD and Extended info also shows that stuff. So 3 out of 3 drives. Looks like controller is dying or sth like that doesn't it?

    SMART status is green but in both of my data drives the Extended information tab shows at the end

    SATA Phy Event Counters (GP Log 0x11)
    ID      Size     Value  Description
    0x000a  2            2  Device-to-host register FISes sent due to a COMRESET
    0x0001  2            0  Command failed due to ICRC error
    0x0003  2            0  R_ERR response for device-to-host data FIS
    0x0004  2            0  R_ERR response for host-to-device data FIS
    0x0006  2            0  R_ERR response for device-to-host non-data FIS
    0x0007  2            0  R_ERR response for host-to-device non-data FIS

    Also in both drives SMART temperature logging sometimes show a ? since yesterday

    Hi everyone,

    today in the morning my system crashed. After rebooting I found nothing special in the logs but just recognized the latest entries. Seems to be storage related but I could need some advice what they mean exactly. Storage controller, cable, hard drive dying? Thanks in advance!

    You may need an open port for retrieving the cert. But that does not mean nextcloud must be accessible from outside your lan. You could add sth like the following statements to your nextcloud proxy conf file

    deny all;

    Your clients also need a DNS entry that points your domain to the local ip eg 192.168…. or they would be blocked too. Could be done via pihole if you use it.

    BTRFS, I know the raid implementation is still somewhat suspect and the recommendation is not to use it production.

    Is it so? My most recent info was that the danger in using btrfs raid5 exists without power redundancy only - being an actual issue on any raid solution. Thus, power cut would be potentially dangerous on btrfs like on any other raid technology. In the other hand as long as there is no power cut btrfs would be as safe as any other solution. Did I miss sth?

    Currently I am using 1 disk without RAID system ( I know it is stupid).

    Why do you think so? Having no backup is stupid. Having raid and thinking that would be a backup is also stupid. Having no raid is just having no raid.

    Some years ago I was kind of addicted to always using the newest kernel. Don’t even know why exactly. Guess I just wanted to be as up-to-date as possible. At some point I learned that updating without a specific reason is usually just a waste of time.

    As a non-professional if you really need to unlock new features or your current kernel is going EOL: Update. If not: Do not. Never change a running system.