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    So appears i had bad superblocks which i managaed repair using this guideand mounted the drive but i cant see my data on there

    when i check OMV

    the data is there, but when i access threw SMB on my windows machine i get this

    When i try exploring using SSH i get this

    the fileserver is missing?


    Please can someone help, This morning i logged into SSH and ran "apt-get update" and then "apt-get upgrade" and then rebooted the Pi when booted back up i found that my main drive was missing so i rebooted again and the same issue. so i looged back into SSH and did the following

    sda1 is my main drive (fileserver)

    then i went into fstab

    fileserver is there (ignore next cloud i unplugged thinking thats what was causing the problems)

    I plugged in screen and rebooted the pi again and found this

    Please can someone help i CANT lose the data that is on my main drive

    Same issue here

    The easiest solution i found was to do this Portainer > Container > Plex > "Duplicate/Edit" > change "linuxserver/plex:latest" to linuxserver/plex:bionic > scroll down and click on "Deploy the container"

    i searched high and low on how to resolve the latest build issue and other than coffinbearer no one has been much help!!!

    Not enough information provided as the actual complete command Plex is running is not shown. Try discovering this with top or htop in the shell.

    There are Plex processes that normally have high CPU usage such as transcoding and creating preview images (if configured to so this).

    I am no "Shell" expert so i am not sure how to do what you are talking about

    Thank you so much for your reply, unfortunatly a recent power outage shot my back up drive but i have done what you said about so when i get a new back up drive i can test this.



    Im hoping someone can help so noitced last night my OMV Rasperberry kept send me emails saying the resource was limited went in and looked at and found this under processess

    Applied updates and then restarted the whole thing but still the same, so went into portainer then in Plex and found this under logs

    i have had to stop the container for the moment but unsure what to do, or how to revert back to a prevoius container image of plex.

    Can someone help please?

    You have either no working DNS or no working internet connection or both.

    Thats the werid thing, Internet & DNS are both working everywhere else in the house even at the moment replying to you


    For some reason i seem to be getting any update error when i try and update

    And for some reason my set up is throttling but looking at the logs i cant see why???


    So i have been keeping a log of throttling and temp when this morning i was randomly awoken by the sound my OMV PI rebooting (one of my SSD makes a spin up noise) i checked the system and everything seemed fine but then im no expert, so i checked th log im keeping and found that for some reason between

    Sat Oct 24 13:20:01 BST 2020



    Tue Oct 27 20:00:01 GMT 2020



    there was an issue but the 2 weeks prior and currently it is not showing any issues

    Wed Oct 28 12:20:01 GMT 2020



    is there anyway to check the logs to find out what the system was doing for it to throttle?

    Edit - Just checked the log on OMV and they only show todays "Wed, Oct 28th"