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    I’m having trouble accessing Plex Media Server (PMS) and other applications on my OMV server.

    I have just got a new modem/router (TP-Link Archer VR2800) and since then, I’ve not been able to connect to the applications.

    I have reset the server and made sure it has picked up the new IP address.

    The old router used a different IP range (10.1.1.x compared to 192.168.1.x). I am able to access the OMV gui using the server name and/or new IP. Using this method I am also able to access Portainer.

    Is there something I am missing on the network configuration which might be causing these issues?

    Thanks KM0201

    Unfortunately the data drives are not in a USB hub. I am using a HP N54L Microserver with the HDDs connected to a dedicated RAID card.

    I did try the command you suggested, but didn't appear to fix the issues.

    It is weird that the applications can only see the system disk and cannot reach the data drives (which is where the config for the applications is stored)

    Nothing appears to have changed in the docker settings with the volumes clearing listing the shared folders.

    Just a further update, it appears that the applications are unable to see the share folders which host both the config files and the media as well.

    However from windows, i'm able to access the shared folders and all the content.

    What would have made the shared folders unavailable?

    The weird thing is, Plex can see access the media (even though it has other problems)


    I had a power outage last night and when my OMV server restarted, most of the applications have appeared to been reset and lost all config information.

    I can still see the config files, but the applications start up requiring setup.

    Applications impacted are SickChill and SABnzbd.

    Is there anyway to gets these to revert back to the saved config files?

    Thanks all for the help.

    After my last message I left it for a day and came home yesterday to plex having been updated to the latest version.

    I'm sure not exactly what caused it to finally update, but glad it has and appears to be working fine (besides losing some config and show details during the upgrade)

    Thanks Agricola for the reply

    Unfortunately I did everything mentioned and still appears nothing is changing on the plex application.

    It almost feels like plex is/has been installed some other way and the portainer/docker installation is not doing anything.

    My next step is to remove the container completely and see if plex stops working.

    I'm not sure if i'm doing this wrong, but I have added a version environment detail, set to latest and restarted the container and yet nothing appears to change with the plex server.

    The image appears to be correct, currently set to linuxserver/plex:latest

    I'm still trying to figure out this docker/portainer system so any basic tips on how to get it updating would be great.

    All I do to update to the latest Plex software version is to restart the container

    I have tried doing that through portainer and when I reload plex, it still comes up with the same version and saying there is an update.

    Even restarting the NAS itself doesn't appear to update plex.

    Is there something else I can try?


    I have recently upgraded my NAS from OMV 4 to 5 and now using Portainer to maintain the docker images.

    I have previously been running Watchtower to update the containers and that appears to have been working correctly, except for Plex.

    Now that I am on OMV 5, what is the best way to continue updating the containers?

    For Plex, I have tried both linuxserver/plex and plexinc/pms-docker, but both appear to not be updating the version on Plex from

    I have tried using the recreate option in Portainer, but that didn't appear to update the system.

    I believe I am using the correct tag (latest) and I also have a plex pass account so should be able to get the most up to date version available.

    Is there something I am missing in terms of updating this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.