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    Did you set up this mount recently? RE: Can't select File System for remote mount.

    No, I have it mounted for over a year.

    Manage to fix it.

    first remove the plugin and the mount is gone.

    install the remote mount after works.

    The problem remains.

    The drive dont show in the remote mount plugin but is still there.

    Using the findmnt

    ├─/srv/5a85c508-d37e-4cca-a955-405888a77fd5                  systemd-1                autofs     rw,relatime,fd=56,pgrp=1,timeout=10,minproto=5,maxproto=5,direct,pipe_ino=16996
    │ └─/srv/5a85c508-d37e-4cca-a955-405888a77fd5                // cifs       rw,relatime,vers=2.0,sec=none,cache=strict,uid=0,noforceuid,gid=0,noforcegid,addr=,file_mode=075

    I cant umount , manually

    sudo umount --force /srv/5a85c508-d37e-4cca-a955-405888a77fd5

    umount: /srv/5a85c508-d37e-4cca-a955-405888a77fd5: target is busy.

    I m using docker and a container points to this drive.

    I have stop the container and docker.

    But cant remove the drive.

    Hi I have a cifs mounted with the remote mounts plugin.

    I want to remove it.

    But I m not able to do it.

    I got this error

    Thanks I will check.

    Yes it have just one entry


    I m not sure about the first and last part

    39d93544-5610-11ed-b450-bb207d867706 and 13764980736 where can i find it in the backup?

    Thank you

    /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-xxxxxx/docker/guacamole/config:/config do not appears to be a valid Path

    Sorry I hide the real disk uuid

    Here is the error

    Hi ,

    I m using OMV6 amd64

    I m trying to run a container.

     docker run   -p 8181:8080   -v /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-xxxxxx/docker/guacamole/config:/config   oznu/guacamole

    I m getting this translate host name "localhost" error

    Could I get same advise ?


    LOG:  could not translate host name "localhost", service "5432" to address: Temporary failure in name resolution
    WARNING:  could not create listen socket for "localhost"

    Running OMV6 after update and reboot the file system shows server error 500

    Is tere a way to get it back?


    I finally found the problem. qemu packages in backports were updated to 7.1 except for qemu-system-data. The 7.0 version of the package will not work with 7.1. The following fixed (make sure to have backports enabled in omv-extras):


    sudo dpkg -i qemu-system-data_7.1+dfsg-2_all.deb

    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    Thanks follow your suggestions everything ok

    This will require a bit more effort than that. You will have to go through the list of packages it reported as not installed one by one and try to install that version.

    The first one would be: sudo apt-get install ksmtuned=4.20150326

    THANKS running :)

    Now there is 2 updates

    openmediavault-kvm 6.1.23


    qemu-utils 1:7.1+dfsg-2~bpo11+2

    Skall I update or wait ?


    Tried but no luck

    Thanks Macom

    Hi ,I have used KVM a long time. Today after update KVM is no longer installed.


    6.0.41-1 (Shaitan)


    Linux 5.18.0-0.deb11.4-amd64


    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590S CPU @ 3.00GHz

    Tried to install getting this error

    Please could I get same help?