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    The version should appear each time you login via ssh. Sometimes it helps readers to troubleshoot problems if the version is known. The version is usually tagged by the author at the first post of a thread.

    true , didnt notice until now. 5.10.0 is the version currently running

    The dockers are running fine , and i can acces them well . The problem is the acces via web , and no there is nothing in the port 80 i can see the login screen perfectly . When i put the wrong password a message is displayed but wen the good one is entered it goes back to te login screen ( i reseted multiple times and all of them happens the same thing ) .

    I fell like you dont even readed the posts above what you responded . And yes, switching to another OS in the main server will solve a ton of problems , it works well for my raspberry but not for that , and the backups are a mess to restore if you dont do it via USB ports if you try to really use them.

    Sorry if im being rude , i know development is hard AF but is not reliable enought OS to keep strugling . I will try to work into solving the problem because i dont really want to spend that much time moving all the files , but in the long run as said is not reliable enought

    checked its fine ( its an ssd i bought 2 years ago and its used only for OS ) . As much as i love OMV and the developer team helped me there is to much errors in only 1 year in an server OS that suposeadly is build to be reliable . The next week i will move all the data and leart to use Truenas or Unraid . Love you guys but i have enought trying to resolve the docker problems to use any of my brain fighting with the OS .

    And cant be because when i enter the wrong password or id it tells me that is not correct

    anny idea how to extract all the data whithout unplugin the drives to another machine? or trying to save the current instalation

    The system really is more or less "set it and forget it" if it's set up properly... Other than logging in every couple days to run updates, I don't mess w/ my system very much at all

    I agree but when you run multiple dockers ( usually 7 ) of minecraft in my case , cheking the map via SMB or changing the server properties is a daily basis . So there is no solution right?

    now i tested all what you said +clearing cache with brave browser +testing in diferent browsers. This hapened about 10 months ago and in that time the server was in building so i went for the fresh install route , now the things have changed and are that if i touch will demand some learning afterwards to repair .

    When i try to acces via the web interface as always with no error message apearing it to give me a clue.

    + I tried first aid and changed the admin password

    + when a wrong user or password is entered and error message is shown

    + All of the SMB files and docker via portainter are runing

    This problem started when i tried to share a folder in the same device as the OS , in other times it worked well , dont really know why this time failed

    You'll have to reduce the poartition to something lower than the MEDIUM you'll be copying to.

    In your case, reduce tho something <= 60Gb and you'll be good to go.

    Already done that but when trying to move the data betwen SSD>USB with the srinked partition already done gives me multiple errors , i dont know if its because is the wrong type of backup ( changed to dd instead of ddfull) . With other tools the same happens .

    I will try other backkup pluguins and see if it helps