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    Now i get the message "notification-for-software-updates-email":

    The following packages are already downloaded and ready to install. Go to the 'System | Update Management' page in the web interface or run 'omv-update' from the CLI to install them finally.
    You have received this notification because you have enabled software update notifications on this host. To change your notification preferences, please go to the 'System | Notification' page in the web interface.
    CRON-APT RUN [/etc/cron-apt/config]: Sat Mar 6 08:28:29 CET 2021
    CRON-APT SLEEP: 957, Sat Mar 6 08:44:26 CET 2021
    CRON-APT ACTION: 3-download

    When did my system start the next cronjob?

    And when i should get the next "notification-for-software-updates-email"?

    IInfo OMV 5 WebGUI, Updates Screenshoot:


    cat /etc/cron-apt/action.d/3-download
    autoclean -y
    dist-upgrade -d -y -o APT::Get::Show-Upgraded=true




    systemctl status anacron.timer
    ● anacron.timer - Trigger anacron every hour
    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/anacron.timer; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
    Active: active (running) since Sat 2021-03-06 08:23:26 CET; 4min 58s ago
    Trigger: n/a
    Mar 06 08:23:26 pc systemd[1]: Started Trigger anacron every hour.


    cat /var/spool/anacron/cron.daily

    Hello macom,

    did you see any missconfiguration?

    Whe should i get the next "notification-for-software-updates-email"?

    Thank you

    Hello, i have seen i get new updates for my omv 5.

    I get this messages:

    Dear admin,
    your user account was used to log in to p5915 (::ffff: via a web browser

    Butt i don't get "Notification for "Software updates"".

    I have starte the OMV 5 system befor 1 hour.

    When i get the "Notification for "Software updates""?

    My first

    Notification for "Software updates" - email



    Thank you

    Now i have get this email:

    Did we need log in to the OMV 5 Web GUI, to get this email?


    Hello, isn't solve.

    Update Check with ssh connection to OMV 5.

    When i get the "Notification for "Software updates" - email"?

    Login Web GUI OMV 5, i get this email:

    We get a new Update:


    My choice to get notifications:


    I don't get a "Notification for "Software updates" - email" email.

    How can i solved the problem?

    Congratulations and welcome to the club, would like lifetime or honorary membership :)

    Why i get this answer?

    This is OT.


    To fix the no notification issue:

    cp /usr/share/doc/cron-apt/examples/3-download /etc/cron-apt/action.d/3-download


    So why did you keep asking for a solution?

    Im mean a little solution, the problem was a bug.

    This the right solution, thank you macom.

    I'm a noob.

    ssh connection to OMV 5

    I don't get a Notification for "Software updates" - email.

    The solution:

    ssh connection to the OMV 5 System.

    ssh openmedianer@


    su -
    cp /usr/share/doc/cron-apt/examples/3-download /etc/cron-apt/action.d/3-download

    Now the OMV GUI with a internetbrowser



    Update Management - Check - install all updates

    Send a Testmail work's fine.

    How can a i check my Notification for "Software updates" - email?


    The plugin does not remove the file anymore after the update, but it will not restore it. So you have to do it with that command.

    Why doesn't get a solution with the OMV 5 Update?

    I like solution from the developer and not my own "copy & paste" solution.

    votdev and developer

    What is the official OMV 5 solution to solve my problem?

    Before blaming OMV everyone should take this as an challange to find out what's going wrong. For me it always worked, so without being able to reproduce it i can't debug it. So it's to the community to fix that or provide information to fix it. I do not have to do all the job, an OSS project lives from contributions from the community.

    As a good starting point can be adding DEBUG="verbose" to /etc/cron-apt/config and check the syslog for log messages related to cron-apt.


    Did you have more input for me?