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    Hello @macom @KM0201

    I'm still trying to work out why my OMV randomly goes to sleep.

    Click the link below to see a full days logs for 16th December - This was the last time I turned on my OMV machine, before switching it back on today.

    Is there anything in the logs that explains why the system is going in to auto shutdown / auto sleep?

    Let me know if you need me to pull off more information or do something with any of the settings.

    Thank you for your help with this.

    Hello so I am trying to figure out the log myself and wondered if I am understanding it correctly.

    Here is a link to a paste bin -

    It's not the full log, I can put a larger amount of log if that is helpful?

    Based on the link above .......

    Line 567 - Is this showing I logged in to the web interface?

    Line 580 - Is this the system doing an automated system update then shutting down?

    My system did randomly restart after I logged in to the web interface and I wonder if this is what the log is showing?

    I have found the system logs. Thank you for pointing me to the right place. This will be a big help to me should I need to trouble shoot anything in the future.

    There is a lot to look through in the log and I am not sure exactly what I need to find to to identify when the system went to sleep. I have over 22 pages of logs for yesterday, is there anyway I can narrow down the search as I don't remember the exact times the system went to sleep.

    Also thanks for letting me know I can upload by attaching the image. I'm not sure I am looking in the correct place. When I look on the tool bar above the text box I see an option for 'image' (the icon is of a mountain with the sun above it). When I click the image icon there is only options for 'source' and 'link'. Is that the correct icon to click to attach the image?

    I have uninstalled auto shutdown and WOL plugins as a short term measure. I wasn't using either of them, (I might need to use them later).

    There is nothing in added to Power Management >> Scheduled Jobs?.
    I am having issues accessing any image hosting websites to to show that nothing is in Power Management >> Scheduled Jobs. As soon as I can upload a screen shot so I can confirm this I will

    Please can you explain how I can access sys-logs?

    Thank you for helping me with this.


    TL:DR - I can connect to my OMV network shared folders with my Linux machine. When I try to to connect on my Windows 10 machine I get refused access.

    Can anyone help me trouble shoot this please?

    Full details below.


    I have set up Open Media Vault set up on a ROCK64 board.

    I have set up all the shares.

    When I try to access them from my LInux (Ubuntu) machine I can access everything with out any issues (see image below)


    But when I try to access them on my Windows 10 laptop I get the following message

    "001-Media Store is not accessible. You might not have permissions to use this network resource.
    Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

    Multiple Connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed.
    Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource or try again"


    Can anyone help me trouble shoot this?


    I have followed many different tutorials on setting up a private folder. Including this one from TechnoDadLife -

    When I try to log in to the folder I see the message in the image below.

    Is anyone kind enough to help me with this problem? I need the help, support and guidance of the community. I have been trying to figure this out for the last 6 months on my own with no success :(

    Any help and support would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi macom

    This is a fantastic idea, thank you for your help.

    My understanding of OMV is some what limited, but you have promoted me to have a further poke around in the OMV backend.

    I have located the user with read/write privileges on the folder I want to access.

    If I select 'User' (in the side bar) > select the username with the read/write privileges > edit - I can see a place to update the password (same as the image below).

    If I update the password there will I then be able to access the folder?

    Thank you for your help.


    I am in the process of setting up Open Media Vault.

    Question about sharing folders

    I plan to set up following folders

    • Document
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Video Project

    I want everyone on the network to be able to see and access Music and Movies folders

    Video Projects and Documents should only be visible and accessible to me.

    What is the correct set up process to get this to happen?

    Is it a case of adding users to OMV and then defining what folders they can see when the input their username and password?

    Thank you for your help.

    Edit - Additional Question below about folder structure.

    I don't think that I necessarily need to make folders only accessible to me.

    Should I have one main top level folder for example called 'Share' and then put all my sub folders listed above inside this? (I understand that if I do things this way, I can either have the whole 'Share' folder accessible either with or without a password)

    Or should I make each of the folders listed above a top level folder on the network?

    I am asking this as I will be streaming video and music across the network and want to get the most efficient streamline setup.

    I wonder do some clients perhaps require things to be structured in a certain way?

    Thank you.