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    Hi Everyone,

    I am attempting to use Plex with a Tivo Bolt and Tivo Mini from my OMV setup. When trying to use this setup, videos are often very slow or don't stream at all. If I host the videos on SAMBA shares and stream from Kodi Raspberry Pi Boxes everything works properly. I am wanting to find ways to speed things up since videos don't always work. Is it possible to do this?

    My OMV setup is quite old, I am using:

    HP ProLiant N40L with 8 GB of RAM
    4 x Hitachi 3TB 7200RPM Drives

    If their aren't any ways to sped up Plex, any suggestions for an affordable replacement server?

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    First, sorry for my bad english :/

    I use unionfilesystem 3.1.14 plugin for make one big HDD on OMV 3.0.67.

    All my disk are in NTFS filesystem and I share with CIFS.

    Recently I have this message when I paste file to a merged shared folder "file too big for file system destination".

    I try with big and small file.
    I have 7To free on 17To

    In unionfilesystem configuration I try "Most free space" policy and 4Go min per disk but doesn't help, reboot to.

    If I share directly one of my disk I can paste files.

    I think it's a default message for another problems but where can I found log?

    Thanks for your help
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    I've just set up an OMV 3.x system. I've got it booting off a USB key, with four hard drives totaling 10 terabytes.

    Everything seems to be set up properly through the OMV Web interface: I've got all the drives mounted, I've installed the LVM plugin, and it reports the share as 9.6ish TB ready to go.

    I cannot see the OMV server nor the shares that I've set up when I try to access OMV from my Windows client.

    Is there a tutorial specifically for a OMV system set up with LVM for use with Windows clients, because after doing everything I thought I had to do w.r.t. users / groups / access privileges / ownership etc, I'm having trouble connecting.

    Note that the way I set up my Windows shares on my network at home is I manually remove the "Everyone" permissions from shares, only allowing named users access, with full read / write permissions. No "guests" on my network, nope. To that end, I want to disallow "guests" from accessing OMV, and use the same user id and password that I log into…
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    Hi guys!
    I just switches from XPEnology to OMV and because of that, I have to copy a hole lot of Data from one Drive to an other.

    I wanted to do that via PuTTY, but I don't know how to do that. I know that I should be able to copy files with

    Source Code

    1. cp -a /source/path/. /destination/path
    I tryed that, but can't get it to work.
    My to Drives are called "dev/sdb" and "dev/sdc"
    My Shared Folder (the Source) on these drives are called "Filme" (sdb) and "Filme_1 (the destination on sdc)

    I need to know what code exactly I have to type in to get all the Files from sdb to sdc, or all the files from "Filme" to "Filme_1"

    Could you please help me ^^

    I did that via rSync for now, but it seems to be kind of slow and in the Futere I want to use the Linux command.

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    No one has suggestion?
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    I got a good one i put 4 difrent os systems on my nas and all of them will not let me log in ,,,user name ok password it will not let me type any thing in?????????
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    Wrote a comment on stevedawg85’s wall.

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    need to cool the drives