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    Hello everybody.
    I'm from Italy and I use linux system since a lot of years (Archlinux)
    I am a new user of openmediavault. Weeks ago I tried it on virtualbox and I thought it's a vary good software for my future nas.

    I have bought a TERRAMASTER F2-220 but I want openmediavault instead of TOS.

    I installed openmediavault on USB key following this guide
    Installing OMV w/o keyboard and monitor using VirtualBox

    I' m able to boot Terramaster NAS with openmediavault but I have an issue.

    After 2-3 minutes from boot the control panel freezes and If I try to connect again by the browser I see the message: 403 Forbidden Nginx
    The same thing with Ssh connection: I'm able to connect to port 22 but afetr 2-3 minutes commands don't work and If I try to reconnect the message is: Connection reset by port 22.
    If I ping the NAS I have good answer (0% packet loss)

    The only way I have is switch off NAS by power botton.

    Someone has some idea about my problem?

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    I am on a Windows (10) system and would like to install Open OMV NAS onto a Raspberry Pi 2. I have downloaded "OMV_3_0_88_RaspberryPi_2_3_4.9.41.img.xz", extracted the IMG in it using WinRAR. I burned it onto an SD card using the Win32DiskImager utility. When booting, I end up with kernel panic block and after that I get Init message and it just stays there. I waited 30 minutes but nothing happened.

    I even tried buring a USB drive (and used a blank SD card) but that's a no go.

    I have looked around for a guide that will help me get going but could really find one that tells me what I need to do on a Windows laptop to prepare installation for RPi2. Majority of the instructions I see are for Linux.

    Any help you can offer is appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    I have decided to go with the Crashplan Small Business option for the time being. It requires version 4.8.3 of their software. I am currently running a headless version. How can I check the version of my crashplan client? I have tried lots of commands and looked into configuration files, but can't seem to find a version. I restarted it from the command line hoping it would tell the version, but it does not.

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