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Upgrade from 2x to 3x GUI error


Install ZFS or bust... bust?



Strange sounds from the HP Microserver



Installing something that is not a plugin



NAS in emergency mode after distro upgrade



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  • ryecoaaron -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x (stable) Install ZFS or bust... bust?.

    Quote from wez: “OpenMediaVault 4 with omvextras 3 ” Please don't mismatch versions of OMV and omv-extras. That will cause problems. You don't mention why it fails. Error messages? How are you installing omv-extras? Do you fully update OMV right…
  • berritorre -

    Replied to the thread Strange sounds from the HP Microserver.

    Well, last time it was the same: ran calm for a few hours, then started. Today it ran from about 9:30 until 18:30 without noise. So maybe it is solved. I don't think it was a loose screw though, I think this would sound different and more "rattling" and…
  • flmaxey -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x (stable) Installing something that is not a plugin.

    Just about anything is possible but there is the matter of what makes sense. Do you want a server or a workstation? What you seem to be proposing is the installation of desktop software on a server. A desktop, versus a server, are two completely…
  • mikejbry -

    Liked tekkbebe’s post in the thread Remove plugin [RESOLVED].

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    Try this: apt-get clean Tell if that works..
  • iguana007 -

    Replied to the thread NAS in emergency mode after distro upgrade.

    I was thinking, if reinstall of OMV would be an option how to recover my data? I would follow this guide:…lation-of-OpenMediaVault/, but I am not sure, what everything should be backed up so that I could recover my LVM…
  • antsh -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3 & Meltdown Spectre.

    Looks like the backport kernel pushed today contains the patches for meltdown. (4.14.13-1).
  • Fako86 -

    Posted the thread Kein zugrif auf web gui webinterface.

    hallo leute, ich habe ein riesen problem. habe ein bishen rumprobiert und rumgeschaut welche nas distrubition ich für meinen server nehme. habe mich für omv entschieden. beim ersten testen ging alles super, bis auf das mit firefox das webinterface…
  • Wolf2000 -

    Replied to the thread Probleme bei der Einrichtung von OMV.

    Wenn du die Original img von OMV hast dann ist es: root Openmediavault passwd root neues Password eingeben
  • MichaelZ -

    Replied to the thread Probleme bei der Einrichtung von OMV.

    Nach einem Neustart des Pi`s wird die Festplatte nun angezeigt. Beim Versuch mit über putty anzumelden nimmt er nicht mehr mein anfangsvergebenes Passwort mehr an. Wie kann ich das root Passwort einfach ändern ? Mit dieser Anleitung (
  • NothingNowhere -

    Liked tkaiser’s post in the thread OMV 3 for ODROID-XU4/HC1/HC2/MC1.

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    HC2 is now officially available:….php?g_code=G151505170472 (see especially mechanical incompatibility note for few 3.5" HDD at the bottom)