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    Got these two messages and just curious of there meaning. Thanks ?(

    Resource limit succeeded Service omvserver.local

    Date:Thu, 17 Aug 2017 12:03:08



    Description: 'omvserver.local' loadavg(5min) check succeeded [current loadavg(5min)=3.8]

    Resource limit matched Service omvserver.local

    Date:Thu, 17 Aug 2017 12:01:37



    Description: loadavg(5min) of 4.5 matches resource limit [loadavg(5min)>4.0]
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    Hi everyone..

    i am using freenas and qnap but i want to test OVM. It is look good.

    I installed a virtual server and OVM over that. I want use torrent client (download some films) on OVM. But i can not install any plugin. And my plugin page have less plugins (default).

    is there any guide installing torrent client ? i looked some guides but i can't do.

    Best regards
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    Recently I've noticed that I can't access OMV via the GUI or SSH. SSH gives med software caused abort and GUI gives me wrong password. The only thing I can imagine that has happened is a power loss. All shares and everything else that I've setup works as before though.

    So I have now connected a monitor and keyboard to the server but I can't figure how to move forward. I would say that fixing the SSH would be the first step, then I could run omv-firstaid to fix the gui password. Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Can't login to console with root ("login incorrect") only my user.
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    Hey, so although I posted a thread some time ago asking about this, I finished building it and have been tinkering with it for the past few months.

    I thought I would share some pictures, and my experience thus far.

    This box itself I picked up on sale for $90 CAD. I had confirmed working ram (4GB Crucial) sitting in my drawer at home, and the CAT6 cable and Seagate Firecuda 2.5" 1TB SSHD were about $110 CAD together. For 30 dollars I purchased an MLC USB drive with good reviews and decent advertised transfer speed (Transcend JetFlash 780) for the boot drive. In addition I picked up a WD Blue 3.5" 5400 RPM 1TB drive and Nexstar TX powered 3.5" usb 3.0 external HD enclosure for ~ $80 CAD. I also purchased a CyberPower 350VA UPS ($60 CAD) so that I wouldn't need to worry about power outages (they're rare where I live anyway). In all the cost was around $360 CAD. Technology isn't really cheap in Canada, sadly, but I feel I've gotten good value for money and learned a lot and had…

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