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    Hello everyone, I have been using OMV for quite some time, my configuration is quite simple, a HDD for the 250gb system and two 1TB HDD in raid 1 for data.The problem is the HDD of the previous system, failure, many sectors were broken and I had to change that disk and reinstall the OMV system, the raid I mounted and it is accessible, but as I can share my data again that raid-1? if I look in / srv / my data is, but I can not share my folders already created ...any ideas?thank you very much!!
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    Hello there,

    I just started playing a bit with OMV on my Raspberry Pi. Everything works very well, I only wonder how to setup my OpenVPN plug-in to connect with PIA. I've been using a script for my other Linux distros which works very well, but how do I use the plug-in for this? Or should I stick with the script?

    What is the best way to do this?
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    OMV 3.0.99
    docker GUI 3.1.10

    Source Code

    1. # emby-server
    2. Starting emby-server... Unable to find image 'emby/embyserver:x86_64' locally
    3. docker: Error response from daemon: manifest for emby/embyserver:x86_64 not found. See 'docker run --help'.

    Help. I had 2x emby containers so I removed the "emby/embyserver:x86_64" container and kept "emby/embyserver:latest" container. When I attempt to run emby-server the daemon references the original container. I'm switching to the OMV way of managing containers. Should I just delete everything out of /home/{user}/.emby-server and start a new?
    I also got permission problems. Everything goes to crap when I try to go to settings.
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    after installing some (all pending) updates and rebooting, Virtual Box Plugin is broken. I get this error message when logging into omv gui.

    Could not connect to host ([url][/url])

    Source Code: Could not connect to host (

    1. Fehler #0:
    2. Exception: Could not connect to host ( in /usr/share/phpvirtualbox/endpoints/lib/vboxconnector.php:220
    3. Stack trace:
    4. #0 /usr/share/openmediavault/engined/rpc/ vboxconnector->connect()
    5. #1 [internal function]: OMV\Engined\Rpc\VirtualBox->getMachines(Array, Array)
    6. #2 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
    7. #3 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc/ OMV\Rpc\ServiceAbstract->callMethod('getMachines',

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