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Root login issue



docker not working properly



New to OMV and Rasberry pi 3 b+


New to OMV and Linux



I think I have permissions problems, but I have no idea how to fix it


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  • Jieta25460 -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Root login issue.

    Thank you very much for you help, it seem I had seen clamav plugin can create this problem after time ... Therefore I reinstall OMV with 4.X version and root user work ! :). After recreate again all users ... I will create a iso from the USB key like…
  • maledicent -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x docker not working properly.

    Are you talking about searching for directories or searching for containers? I'm not really sure what you are asking but if you type a "/" under "Container Path" it will bring up a few options of what you should set, such as /config, /media, etc. Then…
  • canadavault -

    Replied to the thread New to OMV and Linux.

    Quote from Adoby: “I remove my flash memory (SD-cards) and create a image files of them. ” Could you enlighten us like me how to do it in detail? :D
  • I'm on Ubuntu 18Hi all, I'm in Australia. Family is in Germany. We visited them and now I have about 10GB of photos they want to get their hands on. Drobbox is too slow and I don't have enough storage for it. I also don't want my photos on their…
  • Alexio -

    Posted the thread HDD issues, model n/a, Serial Number incorrect.

    Dear community, Short story + question Wiping a disk after a (possibly) failed BTRFS partition results in model shown as 'n/a' and a incorrect Serial Number (see screenshot 'Disc_NOK). In the past and on a different system the model is shown and the…
  • razvanrudy -

    Replied to the thread New to OMV....

    Something new to learn 8o ....PuTTy..... I know about external fan controllers but I was looking to have something on the OMV mainly because the unit will be not that easy to reach at.
  • hoppel118 -

    Liked ryecoaaron’s post in the thread OMV 4.x ZFS Mirror Pool creation fails on LUKS-encrypted devices.

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    Quote from dziekon: “Feel free to review my code here ” That is an impressive amount of work. We appreciate all the help we can get :)
  • hoppel118 -

    Liked dziekon’s post in the thread OMV 4.x ZFS Mirror Pool creation fails on LUKS-encrypted devices.

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    Ok, it took me some time to prepare a fix for the GPT labeling problem. I took my time to prepare a more "future-proof" solution that also solves the devices referencing problems, and should be a solid foundation for future rework of the plugin. Feel…
  • ggibeau -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x Upgrade 3.x -> 4.x Missing file system after upgrade from 3.x to 4.x.

    file system still showing as missing
  • Adoby -

    Replied to the thread New to OMV....

    The budget variant is to simulate a worst case. High ambient temperature and high processing load and sustained file transfer. And then lower the fan speeds, or remove fans, so the temp still is OK, but only just.