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    I have two computers for my media. My main computer has 8TB, 4TB and 1TB drives for storage. It is running Win 10 and under Storage Spaces setting i'm able to combine all 3 drives for the total of 11.8 TiB of storage. What i'm also able to do is remove disks or add more without having to set up the storage space from the scratch all over again. This works beautifully.

    Now, On the other computer I have OMV set up. This computer also has 8TB, 4TB and 1TB drives for storage and it is a back up of the computer above. I have added all 3 drives and created RAID stripe with 11.8 TiB of storage. However with this set up I'm unable to grow RAID or remove any disks without completely erasing the RAID and starting over. I understand that in RAID 5 I can make it grow but I dont want that because my disk space will be far smaller.

    So what would be the best set up for me to be able to retain my 11.8 TiB of space but also be able to add or remove disks?

    Thank you.
  • Upgrade 2-3 OMV 0.3 Upgrade 3.x -> 4.x



    After upgrade i cant get into Putty or the webgui
    Keeps saying connection refused?

    I have a ton of files on here should I just build a USB stick put 4.0 on it and install new? if so is there a complete article on steps to take to do that. Do i disconnect all drives for data first etc... thanks for your help

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    Hi all,

    running a self build OMV NAS for some years now, I think I should upgrade to 3.x [or is 4.x already stable enougth?].
    At least I want my nas to be as stable as possible, even I also have a tripple backup of everything also.
    So reducing any needed management/upgrades is important to me.

    Never the less, The forum alread unveiled
    * Install from scratch to avoid problems
    * disconnect datadiscs during install

    My major Question, is there a advised procedure to backup the raid config of my dataarray and to restore it after upgrade install?
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    Hallo erstmal ich hätt ein Problem mit der kopiergeschwindigkeit von
    meinem Server. Er kopiert und liest mit maximal 15mbps auf meinen PC
    obwohl er viel mehr über tragen müsste.
    Meine System besteht aus den Komponenten

    msi n3150 eco board der ein 1gbit LAN Anschluss (Server)
    Z170 pro gaming mein pc auch 1gbit LAN
    Mein Router homeserver 1&1 entspricht der 7330 hat 1gbit Anschluss und ein mit 100mbps

    Der Server ist mit cat6 lan an den Router 1gbit angeschlossen mein PC
    über einen cat5 lan über 2 stockwerke an einen LAN switch an den router
    port mit 100mbps angeschlossen. Was stimmt nicht mit der config ich
    würde mir sogar bald die 7390 kaufen wenn es deutlich besser laufen

    Vllt sollt ich noch erwähnen das an dem Switch wo mein PC drann ist
    auch noch andere PC drannhängen und auch noch ein Router als Repeater .

    Danke schon mal für eure Hilfe .

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    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x (stable) Suggestion on the set up. RAID or?.

    Quote from gderf: “There is the Union File Systems plugin that provides a basic implementation, but I do not use it. See the documentation available here: ” Thank you.
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    Replied to the thread Omv Server Kopiergeschwindigkeiten.

    sry ,das mit 100mbps meine natürlich Mbit Anschluss schön wärs wenn ich so viel hätt. Also ist das völlig normal das man mit dem 100mbit Anschluss nur 15mbps erreicht? .Dann werd ich das mal genauer anschauen Danke dir :)
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    Liked Stramm’s post in the thread Omv Server Kopiergeschwindigkeiten.

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    Ich komme mit Deinen Geschwindigkeitsangaben nicht ganz klar. Zuerst sollte dir klar sein, dass bei einer 100 MBit Verbindung ca. 12,5 Megabyte / sec übertragen werden. Evtl. hat das ja schon Deine Frage beantwortet. Auf jeden Fall solltest Du Dein…
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    Replied to the thread My fanless NAS.

    hi, my selfbuild is much older, not fanless, but provides for 6 SATA Ports + a single old parallel IDE (which is sufficient for System partition...) currently I use 3 SATA Ports for a Raid (which also results in a good throughput of the Network…
  • schnedan -

    Liked jollyrogr’s post in the thread My fanless NAS.

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    I think we have differing opinions about what "future-proof" means, but I'm glad you're happy with it. ^^