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    I have two external usb drives on a RPI running OMV. On a recent startup, only 1 of two drives (sdb) showed up after OMV started. I found the cause of the problem and restarted omv. I can see both drives under the storage, disks option. The array hasnt started a rebuild as I would have expected.

    When I look at the array status in ovm gui, it only shows sdb1, not sda1. Given the situation, wasnt sure how to readd the drive to the raid 1 array.
    Would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Just getting into folder permissions and I have a few questions so far.
    When adding a shared folder I have to set its basic permissions of owner/group/others. That is clear. Right after creating the folder I can go to ACL extra options. Do these options correspond to what I've setup when adding the folder? So I could for example change the folder group here from users to lets say 'mediaUsers' and give all of them the permission they should have? Am I correct?

    I furtheremore noticed that I somehow cant access a folder via SMB share what I have read/write privileges for. As soon as I grant myself execution privileges, I can. Could anyone explain that behavior?

    Thanks! :)


    So for what do U guys actually use the privileges Button? I read many of you are using only that, but that means that you must grant everyone all privileges on system permission level don't you? Wouldn't it be way more secure to grant only the privileges needed for every user/group on system level?

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    Having used proxmox (at work) and OMV (at home) for a while, I would like to add a virtualized Linux box in my OMV NAS. For specific reason, I cannot use Docker. So, initially, I thought to keep OMV as the main OS and to add LXC/LXD into it, so as to add one or two containers (I won't need more). Thus, OMV would be the one responsible for all data backups, including of the containers.

    But I also saw that a few (many?) here are using proxmox as raw OS, and OMV as a container in it...

    For those who have choosen either way:
    - Are there big advantages or drawback of chosing either way (OMV as a container, or OMV as plain-vanilly OS) ?
    - If you run OMV as a container in LXC/LXD or in proxmox, what is your backup strategy? Is Proxmox in charge of the backups, or OMV, or a mix of both?
    - If you run OMV as a container in LXC/LXD or in proxmox, how do you install it (notably for partitioning) and what is your OMV system disk?

    Thanks for your ideas and times!

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    When in prep for breaking of your RAID1 set; I'd suggest running at least a short test and checking the SMART stat's of the drive you'll be using to house a *single copy* of your data. These items are under Storage, SMART, in the Devices and Scheduled
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