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    hey guys,

    new to omv5 and relatively new to linux in general, but not at all squeamish about terminal

    i caught a break and found a tech store going out of business... picked up some hardware on the cheap!
    i got 8x 8tb toshiba n300 drives, and 4x 10tb ironwolf drives... grabbed a cheap motherboard, LSI hba, and a Pentium gold all for less than 500 bucks. part of my buy was this usb network adapter from qnap... QNAP QNA-UC5G1T
    i have drivers for both windows and linux, but im not able to install them (i know, damn linux noob...)
    any pointers on where to look for further advice or maybe a cheat sheet on what to do?
    im happy with instructions, but would REALLY like an explanation of WHAT is happening and what im doing wrong... (to better understand linux commands instead of just copying and pasting)

    thanks in advance guys
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    Hello, Even though I am a newbie in this community and just trying to get familiar with OMV environment, using OMV 5, I would like to share my two cents relevant to use of docker with this community.

    I have learned that after posting several questions to the forum, many plugins will not be available in OMV-5. One of the responses stated that

    KM0201 wrote:

    You're far better off embracing docker at this point, since that is going to be where almost everything is going. Once you get the hang of it, it is incredibly simple.

    I understand importance of Docker, benefits. But the way that docker is being planned in OMV-5, I suspect that is beneficial for the future of OMV.

    My response to the above

    benibilme wrote:

    Honestly, even if docker will be used, it should fit into the system conventions. For example, I am advised to use a container in place of webdav
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    So i am in the process of trying out OMV from Windows. I have been using Snapraid and Drivepool, so this seems like an easy transition. This past weekend i got all the various programs installed through portainer and i have them running. More or less minimal issues. So the last feature i NEED is to get HW transcoding working on Plex. I can't find a guide to do it in OMV 5, and with Nvidia not having much support for Debian directly, i am not sure where to start. Following TechnoDad advice, i was able to get most things installed through Portainer, minus some port issues/questions. But, i have no idea where to start for this.

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