OMV backup strategy

    • OMV backup strategy

      i would like to discuss about proper backup strategy of my main OMV server.

      every day some files are changed
      actually the main server

      i am used to urbackup and rockstor server to create distant backup solution.

      urbackup creates daily snapshot ( ext4, btrfs or zfs ) but is not a ready nas solution to use directly.
      rockstor creates snapshots and can have a replicated nas with all file versioning in snapshots but is not so tested and approved to my opinion.

      i have the feeling the OMV is quite an active base with strong check of the code

      i would like to now if i can make directly with OMV software a distant replicated OMV server that is also storing file versions.

      1. the main OMV server is daily used and owns the actual status of users, rights, data, ( and why not versioning)
      2. the backups servers are in distant location.

      I would like them to be :
      • directly usable OMV server that can be directly used as replacement of the main server.
      • a real backup with file versioning

      is there a proper way to do this with open mediavault ?

      sure i can manage something based on with rsync or rsnapshot
      but what about databases ....

      my actual idea is to link too omv servers using urbackup software.
      as omv is a debian i think it is possible to install urbackup on them.

      that is sad urbackup is still not a plugin of omv

      as i am quite new to OMV from other solutions and i do not find already the information

      is there an easy way :
      • to make a replication between 2 OMV servers (configuration and data )?
      • to handle file versioning (on one OMV, on a secondary OMV)
      • to make rotational backups between 2 OMV
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      I think replication and rotating backups are a little beyond the scope of OMV. You can always use urbackup on OMV without a plugin. Personally, I use rsnapshot and rsync. You could use remoteshare with rsnapshot to put the files on a different server. I use a simple bash script to backup the databases keeping a copy from each day for the last X days.
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    • You should consider using btrfs snapshots maybe, i use it as a backup for my rootfs, i can rollback in case of any software install/upgrade disaster.
      For data/documents you can use snapshots in combinations with samba and Windows shadow copy. Though people always said that volume shadow copy is not a versioning solution.

      I am currently testing with another forum user @jerry the use of the software developed by suse called snapper that provides btrfs snapshots in a rotational mode (similar to rsnapshot i believe).

      This user developed a python script that symlinks the snapper snapshots with subvolumes "volume shadow copy format" ready for samba. This process happens in real time as it reads the snapper events from the dbus system.
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    • i am discovery little by little omv. (i gave a try 2 years ago but i enjoy more ow)

      actually i am at this point.

      i use ext4 filesystem (i waned to try zfs plugin but seems not to be be working)

      on my main instance :
      • i test a main samba share
      • i make backup of it with rnsnapshot

      i have another instance
      • i make a btsync of the samba share
      • i backup this again with rnsnapshot

      is there a way to replicate the users and acl ?

      maybe the backup tool is the basis tool for this.
    • update on my install

      actually for replication between to omv machines : i made a switch from btsync to syncthing directly installed from syncthing and i will look carefully on the new syncthing plugin which seems promising

      i use urbackup to manage centrally scheduled backups from several machines to my main omv instance

      and i make rsnapshots inside a omv machine on a regular basis
    • @subzero79

      for backup :
      i am very interested in btrfs and snapper. in fact i am waiting so much for btrfs in omv
      but i do not want to twist so much my omv machines with btrfs only b myself.

      in parallel to omv i am running a btrfs based rockstor instance and it is much less stable. so i am cautions with btrfs

      would there be any plugin or tutoriel about how to use btrfs and snapper your way?

      but high availability / replication :
      rockstor is suppose to replicate well the machines but configuration is much less possibility than omv.

      inside omv we have several tools to backup and replicate the main configuration to restore the installation after the crash ( usb-backup and backup plugins)

      could we use that basis to maintain a complete live replica of the main machine and not only a usb key backup ?
    • Bump.

      I too am taking an interest in snapper. I don't really want to write any scripts to manage BTRFS snapshots, but I'd like a few days worth of rotating snapshots to be kept, in each SMB share I create on a BTRFS fiesystem.

      If anyone has seen any good CLI-based tutorials on snapper, I'd love to hear about them. Note: Linux Mint 19 has a good GUI utility called Timeshift, which I use now on my laptop (with BTRFS as my root filesystem), and it has me motivated to find something like that on the CLI for OMV.

      Here's one such tutorial, to start:

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