AUFS - Permissions issues

  • All.

    I've messed up the file permissions in OMV running AUFS. In trying to fix these issues I think I've broken it completely all and need some assistance. The last change I made was the following:
    chown root:users -R *
    chmod 775 -R
    I did this for all directories and files in /MEDIA recursively which includes all drives.

    My issue was some folders I could rename, some I couldnt, some I couldnt delete and some I could. It was a mess so trying to fix properly. The change didn't resolve anything.

    What's the best way to start over again, getting the permissions set correct from the top level down.

    Total drives = 3 x 4TB + OS drive.
    I've also set the the root folder "/" on each drive with "jason" and "sabnzbd" as RW access but this was done after the initial setup.

    Should the parity drive be included in the AUFS pool? I've got 1 x parity, and 2 x Data disks
    Should all folders and files be set with root:users, and use only privileges in the GUI?
    Is there any ACLs that need to be set on the physical drives and folders? Currently I have user 'jason' and 'saznzbd' on the phyiscal drives from an earlier issue.
    when Sabnzbd creates a file who is a member of users, I assume that user jason who is a member of users cannot delete this file? Is that correct?

  • It looks fine for me. For aufs the reset permissions should be applied in each disk, not aufs. I am not sure about parity disk needs permission reset (probably not).

    for easy doing create a root share / for each disk then use the reset permission utility next to shared folders.

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