-rwxr-sr-- for new folders and files

  • Hello,

    I have CIFS/SMB shared folders.

    If user1 creates folder inside with multiples files and folders, user2 (which is allowed to access the shared folder) can read the files and folders but is not allowed to delete it ..

    the folder1 has these infos : drwxr-sr--+

    the files inside the folder1 : -rwxrwxr--+

    the 2 users are in users group, and they both have read and write access to the shared folders

    what can I do for both users read and write all the stuff in the shared folder ?

  • if you gave omvextras there is reset permission utility in the shared folder section. Use it to reset the shared folder of samba to default. This is admin rw, users rw, others read only, also clear the acl's. To give access in samba use the privileges button in shared folder section.

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