ZFS details font color

  • Here @ryecoaaron has described a way to make the read-only text areas more darker. This works for OMV 3. I set the value to 0.5. Different values for differant shades of grey. I don´t know if this still works for OMV4.

    OMV 3.0.100 (Gray style)

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  • Since I don't have a custom theme installed, I edited /var/www/openmediavault/css/theme-all.css
    (The reasoning - if I change the standard theme, the edit would still apply.)

    I searched for "readonly textarea" and "set opacity:" to 1.0 Works great.

    :thumbsup: That did it, makes it readable.

    :thumbup: @cabrio_leo & @ryecoaaron

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  • Your settings have made the text really more readable. On some forums, the requests of the participants are ignored. Sometimes the font is so terrible, and it cannot even be changed, there is not even such an option in the settings. I find it very inconvenient. I wonder if there is an option to load my font here, because with my eyesight I need it. I found the perfect font for myself on UpFonts and would like to download it. By the way, a great forum, I like it here.

  • PaulFelder before your two posts above this thread lay dormant about two and a half years; and version 5x of OMV is current now, not 3x. You might be better served to begin a new thread concerning your question. There are a few "customizers" active on the forum that I am sure would be happy to help.

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