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    It’s not my amazing work. I just try to help direct traffic. I’ll display my ignorance by asking “What is LXC?” I’m guessing it is some kind of virtual platform. Heck, I just got my feet wet with VirtualBox for the first time about a month ago. What a blast!

    The above quote is from post #10 or so. Based on the setup links in it I think the op is on a totally different wavelength from those of us who are trying to help him.

    definately-a-n00b my advice to you is to perform a fresh install using this tutorial. Don’t mix in how-tos from Odroid/Hardkernel or any video tutorials. Stick to this one guide, first to last.

    Some of what you suggest might be the case, flashy-ornaments, GUI changes, etc. I believe a more pressing reason to update, when 6 comes out of the Alpha and Beta, stages, is to get in front for Debian security updates. 5 will be supported in the immediate future, but it will be EOL'ed eventually. I've found that those intervals seem to be happen faster, as I get older.

    This is the crux of the issue. Many most users of OMV forget fail to appreciate that Debian lies underneath and supports OMV, and votdev has no control over the development of Debian.

    "GUI changes, etc." are a more subjective issue, but what better time to rework the layout and build in improvements than at a major OS distribution upgrade. With my small dabbling with OMV 6, I find nothing offensive to my tastes. Your tastes may be different. Look and feel may be a bit different in places but functionality will not be very different from what most of us are use to.

    A third aspect of a major software upgrade involves what is (mostly) under the hood: faster, more stable, more efficient performance. Added features are also welcome; items such as copy buttons for absolute paths. This third aspect doesn't get much discussion on the forum because some are too busy bitching about what they don't like, and the rest of us are busy running around trying to put out the fires.

    Edit: Oh, and no, I did not work as the IT Director for Bell Labs for 65 years, and I didn't invent the Internet. I drove a truck for thirty-five years, and I try to not let it go to my head.

    Did you wipe, format, and mount the disk fresh after installing OMV fresh? From the GUI?

    I'm sorry but nothing you are showing is registering with me. Are you installing your services with docker-compose yml's on the command line, or from Portainer with images, or with Portainer Stacks?

    I don’t use a Raid setup, and am not familiar with it either, so I don’t know how a Raid configuration would interact with Symlinks. It sounds like you have an underlying issue with how your Raid is set up. Sorry I can’t be any help.

    On 6.0-18. When I scroll through the list of services in the Services panel in the Dashboard some of the lines go blank momentarily, then return when the page refreshes. See the attached screen shots. The first screen shot is before I begin scrolling, the next two are variations of what happens. It only happens on Chrome and Brave Browsers. It doesn't happen on Firefox. Not a big deal. Only cosmetic, but I thought I should mention it. Love the new Dashboard.

    3. What is confusing in my reason not to use RAID?

    I agree with you on RAID. That is not what confuses me. What I didn’t understand was:

    I have to be able to take one of the backup drives and read it in Windows should the main storage drive fail.

    Do you mean the main storage drive of your Windows machine? If that’s how you use a server, why don’t you just plug in a backup drive and schedule regular backups with some backup software from the Windows machine?

    My main server IS the main storage in my home network. I keep very little media/docs on my desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. The server “serves” all my other devices on the network. It is not a backup.

    If the only way to access the data on a backup drive is by connecting it to a Linux machine, it would be of little use, as I am not a Linux user.

    You ARE a Linux user if you are running OMV. That is what I meant by NTFS is not a native Linux file system. NTFS can have issues with OMV because OMV is built upon Debian Linux.

    Here’s a little guide that may help with EXT4 file systems and permissions if you are having trouble accessing from a Windows machine.

    Oh my. There is so much in your post:

    1. OMV 6 is still in alpha release; not ready for prime time. You are better off moving up to OMV 5.
    2. NTFS is not a native Linux file system, so it tends to have issues with OMV.
    3. ?

    I have to be able to take one of the backup drives and read it in Windows should the main storage drive fail.

    I’m not sure what you mean by this. I don’t mean to insult but it sounds like you are trying to use a wrench like a screwdriver.