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    PeteyBling i used this Mean Well power supply. I cut up this cable to solder up a cable for the 12V connectIon. The plug on the top of the sata hat is a four pin square molex. Here’s a pic of the top of the hat:…escription/M4v2_en_09.jpg

    The square plug center front is the 12 V supply that powers everything, board and hard drives. The four pan in-line plug right behind the sata ports is what powers the hard drives.

    Well, to begin with PUID=998 is wrong. You need to create a user in the Users tab of OMV. It will have a PUID of 1000 if you haven’t created one already. You can find out what your user’s id is by ssh into your server and enter id <user-name>

    Bearpunzel I know that this thread is a number of days stale, but I felt the need to say just a few words. I hate to see it when a newcomer to the forum gets his/her feelings hurt. You greatly misunderstand us. I hope you haven’t moved on/away.

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t see any obvious comments by geaves or chente that could have been intentionally offensive. They were merely expressing their frustration over a common problem that many of us share. You cannot imagine how often this sort of thing is dealt with on the forum. I believe that much of your “distress” is over following a dead end for so long, only to have a couple of users point the fact out. Don’t shoot the messenger. You cannot imagine the amount of tireless help these two have been to countless “distressed” users.

    YouTube is great if you are looking for a How-To for replacing wheel bearings on a 1974 Chevy Silverado, but not so much if you are looking to set up OMV on a RPi4. OMV is evolving rapidly. Believe me, YouTube is a topic we have discussed at some length “behind the scenes”. We really do not have a solution to the problem. Because there is a revenue stream for the video creators there is little incentive for them to correct or remove their videos. As you noted, one of our own forum users has a massive YouTube listing on the forum. Many/most of those videos are based on end-of-life versions of OMV. That user has been inactive on this forum for several months now. We don’t delete users’ posts on this forum unless they are spam or some other filthy rot.

    Hang around. Everybody is friendly and helpful here. And stay away from YouTube unless you need to replace wheel bearings on a 1974 Chevy Silverado. :)

    I have have this kind of problem a few times, where I cannot get Docker and/or Portainer to re-install. Go into the OMV-Extras tab and select apt clean from the Updates pull-down. When the process finishes try to install your Docker from OMV-Extras.

    I need to back away from the last post above. the Samba utility (Smb4K) was painfully slow and a couple of times crashed my file browser. So I went back in search of a command line solution. Here is what I came up with, mostly from here:

    1. Install CIFS utilities: sudo apt-get install cifs-utils
    2. Create a mount point: sudo mkdir /mnt/samba
    3. Enter this line and supply root password: sudo –s
    4. Careful with this file. It might be best to back it up first: nano /etc/fstab
    5. Enter this line at the end of this file. Each share you want to auto mount needs a separate line. Adjust for your situation: // /mnt/samba cifs username=myuser,password=mypassword,file_mode=0666,dir_mode=0777 0 0
    6. Save: control-c then y then enter
    7. Reboot

    It does not matter what permissions or ownership I set for the samba folder, when I rebooted and the share mounted there, ownership would change to root root and I could not write to the shares. Only after I added the file_mode and dir_mode to the end of step 5 was I able to write to the shares.

    Not being extremely ownership/permissions savvy, is this a good/safe practice or no?

    If you post your stack inside a code block (which keeps spaces) see this button </> in the editor.

    fibrou the indentions in the yml file matter. If you put your yml file in a code box (the </> button in the blue menu bar of your editor) Zoki means like this:

    That was intentional... I was trying to narrow down his problem so I started w/ just the very basics... I figured if we got it going we'd just go back and add them to the stack later and redeploy.

    I thought that might be the case, but just thought it might have an effect. Besides that, I saw you mention covid a few days ago, and wondered if you might be delirious. What about the Time and Date settings in OMV; is that a possibility? And his yml?

    The op never showed his yml. You may have given it to him straight but he may have made a mistake in adjusting it. His error log complained about something to do with syntax and his GUID. Also, there was mention in it about click. He may may not have his time and date set properly. I’ve highlighted the parts in the log below:

    I’m not sure how you are set up, but most people operate OMV on a two drive concept: one small for your operating system, and a larger drive for your data. Under most circumstances it is not wise to have any kind of data (media and documents) on your system disk. Many users run their operating systems on a 16 or 32 GB flash drive.

    On your data disk you can create two shares. Name them data and appdata. The data share can have all of your media and file folders: movies, music, e-books, documents, downloads, etc. The appdata share can contain all of your config folders for the services you build with docker containers. The appdata share is a good place to put the docker folder. Your docker folder will do nothing to harm the rest of the drive. It is just a config folder for Docker.