No Web/SSH Access

  • What I know:
    While administrating Docker containers I was getting 'Communication Error' pop-ups
    I was then unable to reboot the computer via the web
    I pushed the power button on the computer which setoff the shutdown sequence

    Booted the box up, having keyboard and display connected, logged in as root. I am unable to connect via Web/SSH. I do have same IP and am able to connect to Internet.

    Where should I start?

  • Can you ping your OMV box from your PC?
    If you can't ping it, you most likely have a network issue somewhere.
    Either you got some network configuration issue on the OMV box, or your router/DNS server somehow.
    OMV-firstaid allows you to potentially change some faulty settings.

    I mean, it's hard to even guess what's gone wrong.

    OMV 4.x, Gigabyte Z270N-WiFi, i7-6700K@3GHz, 16GB DDR4-3000, 4x 4TB Toshiba N300, 1x 60GB Corsair GT SSD (OS drive), 10Gbps Aquantia Ethernet

  • Where should I start?

    I found this but unfortunately the op solved it anyway and the thread never concluded with an answer, but the command df -h does give the relevant output these are the first few lines of my own omv:

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    udev 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /dev
    tmpfs 396M 22M 374M 6% /run
    /dev/sde1 28G 5.1G 22G 20% /

    As you can see /dev/sde1 my boot device has 22G of available space....further googling I found this whilst this is an Ubuntu solution the principle should be the same.

  • I just want to mention that I am able to mount my AFP and SMB mounts. I can also see my PLEX library, but it is 'indirect'

    This well above my pay grade :) but there is no reason why the shares should not be available, your issue is access via the GUI and ssh.....I'm just guessing here.

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