Transmissionbt and OMV4

  • Hi,
    i was wondering how to update the transmissionbt 2.92 in the plugin package of omv-extras to actual 2.94?
    2.92 is from 2016.
    I'm unsure if i can just update via apt? :/

  • 2.92-2+deb9u1 is the latest available in OMV 4.x repos, so apt will not find anything later.

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    This is why using docker is a better idea.

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  • if i would compile it, where could i extract the build options from the plugin or do i take them out of the debian package?
    I mean things like service user for the daemon, config dir and so on prefixes.
    I've been to the github page (…mediavault-transmissionbt) and found nothing really in the files posted there.

    Would i need to remove the plugin first and miss the comfortable config page?
    [edit: and most important of all, wouldn't it be unsafe to use 2.92, or is debian backporting the security fixes?]

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