Need help with docker plex using @'TechnoDadLife' tutorial, "A server could not be found"

  • Hi,

    Been busting my brains for the past 24 hours and it is 1AM for me when I write this but had no luck to make this plex server work, so far I have been following @TechnoDadLife tutorial using the linuxserver/plex docker image, but no luck so far the web interface starts, I created an account and logged in, and from here it is stuck in "looking for servers..." "A server could not be found. Download and install Plex Media Server, and it will appear here.", I have deleted this image multiple times, I accessed this server from my local IP and still nothing, created the image manually with docker, created it with the WEB UI interface, nothing.

    Any suggestions ?

    // edit

    Openmediavault v4.1.11
    Hostname openmediavault.local
    Kernel 4.17.0-0.bpo.3-amd64

    Info after docker logs -f plex


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Preferences OldestPreviousVersion="" MachineIdentifier="2311f4a9-a8f8-4055-b64d-c8dbfa82e7a4" ProcessedMachineIdentifier="4242f1a1018796d53048015e47b1d50b840a8d07" AnonymousMachineIdentifier="41d1d161-2405-4a69-9977-40e5efd3aabd" GracenoteUser="WEcxA7Y7UFCBF7Z9sfAGjYoRwDluWy+MMow5U52RZZWNEAsvc4+slEcjs3XWfi3eehs1BYGzZD7gl/O8UeJ3p7KzB+zWcrYmBGDULxdNgpW9PRgN6WGNkjzDsGgPFlwOv8UiIEoTxZTo7xyBP9tu/xhVyBkju/2TOV8V1hdBxVCboJpRYT3KkG98nWuaHkCpPnYg==" MetricsEpoch="1"/>
  • Without knowing what hardware you are running this on, and without seeing the container configuration, and without seeing the container log, not much help can be offered.

    Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

    OMV AMD64 7.x on headless Chenbro NR12000 1U 1x 8m Quad Core E3-1220 3.1GHz 32GB ECC RAM.

  • I have updated the topic description, but in the mean time I managed to break my omv by manually uninstalling avahi-daemon that was running on port 5353 same port that plex wanted so never uninstall that as it will break everything :) now I need to reinstall omv

  • I have never heard of the Plex docker using a port conflicting with avahi-daemon. How did you determine that this was the case?

    Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

    OMV AMD64 7.x on headless Chenbro NR12000 1U 1x 8m Quad Core E3-1220 3.1GHz 32GB ECC RAM.

  • After hours upon hours of trying to make linuxserver/plex working, I just deleted the thing and installed the official docker from plex and that one worked like a charm, not sure what is happening with the linuxserver docker images, few days ago I set up letsencrypt with no problem at all, now after the clean install did the same steps as in @TechnoDadLife tutorial, as I previously did but for some reason I get 502 bad gateway, seen multiple people reporting on this.

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