How to share folders with Nextcloud

  • I have installed OMV+Nextcloud based on the youtube tutorials of Techno Dad Life.
    In OMV i've enabled smb/cifs to get network access to the shared folders.
    What do I have to set up to get access to the same folders in Nextcloud?

  • Thank you MrC for your quick reply.
    I've already tried some settings but did't got it to work.

    I've tried it as follows:

    • Created users with the same username/password as the corresponding user in OMV
    • Created a "home" group and added users to it that should have access to their home folder in Nextcloud
    • Enabled the "External Storage" app
    • Went to Admin -> External Storage and added a new entry as follows
      • Folder name: "NAS Home"
      • External storage: SMB / CIFS
      • Authentication: Log-in credentials, save in session
      • Configuration: Host = localhost, Share = home (Remote subfolder and Domain left blank)
      • Available for: home(group)
      • Under Advanced settings for this entry:
        • Enable previews
        • Check for changes: Once every direct access

    This resulted in a red exclamation mark. When I try to access to the "NAS Home" folder it shows:

    External mount error
    There was an error with message: Empty response from the server. Do you want to review mount point config in admin settings page?

    Any idea???

  • Remember to use the "Container path" as defined started the container.

    What do you mean?
    For what should I use the "Container path"?
    In the OMV Nextcloud Docker container there are two "Container path's": "/config" and "/data".
    Or has it something to do with the extra arguments: "--network my-net"

  • Hello.

    I tried to add external storage as describe.
    It works, I can see my external storage in the main page.
    But when I go to the folder I have a message that said "you don't have permission to upload or create files here".
    I tried to change privileges in OMV without success. I don't understand where the problem is.
    Sorry I am a bit noob and I'm french (so sorry for my english and I hope that you understood my problem).



  • For the configuration I followed a tutorial and in nextcloud in docker I didn't put any (PGID/PUID) only in Mariadb (PGID 100 , PUID 1000). Do I have to do the same in nextcloud?
    For the shared folder I set permission for me and admin...

  • I set PUID and PGID same as mariadb (PGID 100 , PUID 1000) and also TZ.
    But no change... can't do anything in my storage file...
    I'm a bit lost

    How to see wich user have the rights for my file?

  • You can add as many "Containers path's" as you want.

    Here's what I did for the container :

    and for the "external storage" settings :

    Where are you configuring the settings in picture 1? I can't find it in the OMV admin, but maybe that is because I am on version 5. Or is it from a different admin interface?

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