No video output on monitor after installation

  • Hey guys,

    We have some old hardware here on premise (HP workstation XW4600 series) and we decided to turn it into a OMV server.

    There is a weird problem however: I can run the whole setup from a USB stick and it finishes the installation and all, but when I reboot - as prompted - the Grub bootmenu shows, and the system boots and all, but after the usual screen output, then the monitor just goes black because there is no output registered on the DVI port. So I guess all the info you see after booting (like IP etc. etc.) is invisible.

    The video card also has a display port (no onboard video) so I tried to see if it was trying to output to that, but the same result: the monitor does not detect any input and goes black.

    So to recap:

    I have monitor output all the way through setup, until the first reboot...

    Any idea what I can do about it?

  • Try to reach OMV by host name or check your router which IP has been assigened to your OMV.

    Somehow OMV does not play nice with the old ATI Radeaon FireGL VX7700; I replaced it with some old Nvdia card and voilá it works again.

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