owncloudcmd old version 2.2.x, update 2.5.x?

  • Hi,
    i installed the owncloud client through apt tool:

    libowncloudsync0/stable,now 2.2.4+dfsg-2 amd64 [Installiert,automatisch]
    owncloud-client-cmd/stable,now 2.2.4+dfsg-2 amd64 [installiert]
    owncloud-client-l10n/stable,now 2.2.4+dfsg-2 all

    This version is pretty old, the current version is 2.5.3. I assume these packages are loaded from the debian strech repo and an update needs to be deployed through the debian repos directoly? Is that correct?

    Thanks for some info,

  • That's correct.

    You would be far better off learning to use Docker, and then installing/configuring the Owncloud docker container. I don't use it, but I would assume it is up to date.

  • Either that, or use the OpenMediaVault MySQL and Nginx plugins to set it up. There are several tutorial posts here on the forums about how to do this. By the way, you may want to use NextCloud instead of ownCloud.

    I was gonna recommend NextCloud (I like it)... but a lot of folks are really sold on ownCloud.. which is fine. I remember back when there were literally posts every day for people wanting an ownCloud plugin.. then Volker released it and it was nothing but frustration and problems so he removed it (long story there, but it really wasn't his fault). Then there was a great tutorial on setting up Seafile (which is also really good). It was a little involved, but once you got it set up, it worked perfectly.

    Then Docker came along and really makes it simple no matter which you want to use. Technodad did a really good video on setting it up NextCloud via Docker.

  • Sorry, maybe I was not clear at this point: I only need the CLIENT, not the server, no need for a docker container. I have a central OC server on the internet, OMV data shall be synced with that instance through owncloudcmd.

    Concerning nextcloud/owncloud: From my experience (since OC 8,before the forking), there is no reason to move from OC to NC. Both products are open source and more or less identical concerning the file sharing functionality. With slight advantages for owncoud as the development is a bit faster.

    There were problems with the client in the past, but this is very long ago (most code contributions come from OC team members, nexcloud colleagues follow with their client a bit later.

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