Installing OMV on Raspberry Pi Can't load the GUI

  • I have tried installing OMV 4 on my Pi 3 B+ a few times now. I Use etcher to create the SD with the "OMV_4_Raspberry_Pi_2_3_3Plus.img.xz" image. I do get some errors when its installing but they go by too fast to read. I can see the that the Server and Reverse Proxy have failed to load.

    I am able to ping the Pi. However When I go to the IP ( I am greeted with T"his site can’t be reached - refused to connect."

    How can I get the pi to accept a connection?

    If I watch the installation to the Pi on a monitor it eventually displays a prompt to log into raspberry pi. Neither the default user/pass of pi/raspberry or admin/openmediavault work at this prompt so im not sure what to enter.

    Any help appreciated. Nothing i've found in the last two days has helped

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    Make sure to strictly follow the instructions on the sourceforge site.

    And there have been several issues during first boot up when a display was connected to the Pi.
    So make sure the Pi has internet connection, boot the Pi for the first time w/o display and wait.

  • Thanks macom! I am kind of new at this and I don't see an obvious link on sourceforge for the instructions. I followed instructions on OMV site. I am resetting the SD and will try again without my monitor attached. I assume it will use the same IP address.

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    Use the image from here and follow the instructions on that site…/Raspberry%20Pi%20images/

    Especially "internet access" and "patience" ;) Depending on the SD card, 20min might even not be enough.

    "After one automatic reboot SD card activity led stops blinking and then yourRaspberry Pi is ready!"

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