Moving zpool to a different HBA

  • I have a zpool that I would like to move from and old HBA to a new HBA. After plugging the HDDs into the new HBA and booting up, will the zpool be automatically detected and usable, or will I need to do some sort of configuration in order to access the zpool again?

    Thank you.

  • If the disks are refereed to by uuid or wwn it should just work. If they are /dev/sd* it may not work. You might be able to recover by importing the pool. Not sure how much is supported in the gui. May need to fix it on the cli.

    Good luck

  • Are you using the /dev/disk/by-id/ nomenclature already? Then every drive has a unique identifier (its serial number) and a migration to the other HBA should be no problem.

    I found this thread, that it is possible to change from /dev/sdX to /dev/disk/by-id Forcing zpool to use /dev/disk/by-id in Ubuntu Xenial
    But be careful! The pool must be exported first. In OMV3 I did this one time and after the next import all my share refererences are gone. So think about what you are doing.

    If the disks are refereed to by uuid or wwn it should just work.

    Is /dev/disk/by-id/ the same as uuid? If so, then my post is unnecessary.

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