Nextcloud as docker and management by portainer

  • Hi,

    I have the latest nextcloud version ( Docker 19.03.4 on linux, arm) running as a container (docker) on a raspberry 4.

    All works fine at home and I am trying to access remotely nextcloud, the Pi is accessible from outside via

    this is what I get:

    I understand that I need to modify the config.php and I don't have access to the CLI.

    I have access remotely to the general controls of my containers via the OMV GUI as well as through Portainer (1.2.22).

    Is there anyway to modify the container via one of these 2 GUIs in order to be able to access Nextcloud from my remote location?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated,


  • I think you need CLI access to change the config.php.
    Maybe you could install Shellinabox from remote to have CLI...


    Thanks Morlan,

    I am now back to base, I am struggling to find the config.php , am I looking to open the console in the container (ie through the portainer facility) or directly into the native OMV console?

    Also, I am not sure where to find this config.php , I am a Linux user but mainly GUI ... I have looked in the nextcloud manual, they describe a lot about the content but not the location, also I guess that the location of this file is in the containers' file system?

    Many thanks

    • Official Post

    I am not sure where to find this config.php

    start with the config folder you mapped in docker:


    in my case the complete path is


  • Actually I just found out that you can directly bash into the docker container via the portainer gui ... nice feature!

    Yes I saw that too, it works really well whereas the same feature does not seem to work with shellinabox on my system, another thing I will try to troubleshoot at some point.

    Thanks Macom, I will try to find the config.php this way,

    Many thanks to both :)

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