Having the hardest time getting a domain name

  • so my ultimate goal here is to have a web domain that points to my OMV log in page so i can access everything from outside of my network. i have tried places like no-ip.com and dynu.com because i'm trying to do this without spending any money. i keep reading about places like linode.com and digitalocean.com but both of those cost money. some other tutorials i have come across seem to be able to make a web server without even leaving the command prompt. i'm not sure why i havent been able to make a successful webpage but since i don't know anything about making websites, i am unsure at which direction i need to go, what tutorials i need to watch/follow, etc.

    if anyone has successfully done this, can you give some advice on what videos i can search for or web articles i can be reading to help me accomplish my goal?

    side note: i recently discovered my ISP does not support port forwarding, of any kind. I can not forward ANY ports, would this stop me from accomplishing my goal?

  • If you can get by with only console access, install the teamviewerhost plugin and connect with a the teamviewer application. This does not require any port forwards.

    Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

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  • This guide won’t work without port forwarding.
    There might a way, which involves setting up a vpn host or ssh Tunnel from somewhere else. But this would involve renting a server

    You're right,
    It needs ports 80 and 443 forwarded.

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