root folder full

  • This is a common problem. You can find several threads on this forum about why it happens and how to fix it in more detail than this post.

    There are two very likely possibilities.

    1. You have installed some extra software like docker, Plex or Emby and it is using a subfolder in /var/lib, like /var/lib/docker or /var/lib/plexmediaserver, to store software, databases and other stuff with metadata for your media files. If you have a big collection of media this can fill the root filesystem. If the root filesystem is on a SD card or a USB stick it may also cause the device to wear out fast.

    It is possible to move the offending folder to a better place and reconfigure and carry on. This is described elsewhere. Or you can reinstall and make sure not to use /var/lib like this the next time. Or you can make the root filesystem bigger and carry on.

    2. You have tried to copy files between devices, perhaps using rsync, and the destination device was not plugged in or not ready. Or at least not mounted. Then the files ended up in the folder normally used to mount the device, possibly somewhere under /srv.

    However, if the device is mounted now, you will see the contents of the device in that folder. It will "hide" all the junk files. To see the junk you may have to boot linux from other media, or move the device to some other Linux computer, and examine the contents of the root filesystem when it is not in use. Then you can find and delete the junk.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs. This help is Grateful™.
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  • i have installed docker with plex on it but its mounted on my other partition , any way to see which file is filling my root ?

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