I have messed up badly, can I still recover

  • Well I had a working OMV 4 build on my old PC, one HD with 6TB. Followed Techno Dad videos and got it working just fine. Corona hit and I got the upgrade itch... I tried following live upgrade video but messed up somehow, took me a while but in the end I upgraded and everything worked on version OMV 5.

    So today I checked and saw that my jackett and sonarr, radarr instalation wasn't working. Installed watchtower (jackett was complaining about being old version). And now nothing works. Can't access plex, although plex-latest is running, jackett is not even listed in containers tab. When I select images I see my old images, but they are unused.

    Can I somehow reactivate my old images that worked (like plex and transmission)?

    If not, can I, worst case scenario go and nuke this install and install from scratch while keeping my files intact? Sadly I don't have enough place on my PC to move everything so I can wipe the HD.

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