Rsync from OMV to QNAP

  • I would like to set up rsync jobs to backup my OMV to a remote QNAP which provides an rsync server. So far I have not succeeded in getting this to work. Mostly, there seem to be issues with the login to the remote server including the need to connect via SSH (which does not appear to be clearly documented).

    Supposing that the rsync account on the QNAP ( is called rsync and the password is *****, what is wrong with the set up below? I had to create a privileged SSH login on the QNAP to get this far, but I still have no luck. Why is it asking for a publickey?

    It is all rather frustrating as the error messages are not at all helpful. Does anyone have any experience with rsync to a QNAP?

    Thanks, David

  • I do exactly the same here and this works:


    Inwin MS04 case with 315 W PSU

    ASUS Prime H310i-Plus R2.0 board

    Four port PCI-E SATA card

    8GB Kingston DDR4

    Intel Pentium Coffee Lake G5400 CPU

    Samsung Evo M.2 256GB OS drive (28 GB partitioned for OS)

    4x4TB WD Red NAS drives - UnionFS pool

    Seagate 5TB USB drive - SnapRAID parity

    1x1TB Seagate HD

    1x300GB Toshiba HD

    Seagate 2TB USB drive

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