Nextcloud and Airsonic with Letsencrypt: Airsonic redirect to Nextcloud always!

  • Hi at all!

    In my OMV, I installed Nextcloud (following the macom guide - [How-To] Nextcloud with Letsencrypt using OMV and docker-compose) and Airsonic.

    Airsonic however does not use Letsencrypt, so I tried to change its configuration.

    First of all, I removed LetsEncrypt service from the Nextcloud stack and created a container only for it.

    I added LetsEncrypt container network the to the containers of the Nextcloud stack (redis, nextcloud and nextcloudDB).

    Nextcloud continues to work properly.

    So, I tried to follow the same steps to insert LetsEncrypt on Airsonic.

    • I removed 4040 port forwarding from the router, leaving only ports 80 and 443 rules.
    • I modified the Airsonic stack by inserting the variables CONTEXT_PATH and JAVA_OPTS and remove port 4040
    • I removed from airsonic container the bridge network and added the LetsEncrypt network

    I then moved on to setting up the proxy:

    cd /srv/dev-mydisk/appdata/letsencrypt/nginx/proxy-confs

    cp airsonic.subfolder.conf.sample airsonic.subfolder.conf

    and I modified the .conf file in this way:

    Now, if I call:

    Someone can help me?



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  • I can't answer for letsencrypt specifically (I'm personally using Traefik), but when I get a 502 Bad Gateway, that usually means for me that either the container behind the reverse Proxy is not running, or I got some misconfiguration not pointing correctly to the internal service.



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  • I'm a bit late, but i use airsonic behind nginx proxy (swag container), i upstream to http and port 4040.

    This is the standard proxy conf file for airsonic (with subdomain instead of domain subfolder) :

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