Letsencrypt / nginx Proxy config for external Host

  • hi,

    situation in short:

    OMV 5 NAS is running with nginx / Letsencrypt Proxy - work well with Nextcloud and all the stuff.

    2nd maschin in my Network is used for testing stuff and / or sometime dedicated gameplay servers (Minecraft, Factorio what ever)

    atm this 2nd is running a Minecraftserver - to control the server (start, stop, backup and stuf like this) is use crafty controller. crafty is running its own tornado server, i can access in the local network with https://IpOfHost:8000 - now a friend would like to have the ability to restart the server if it hangs. "Yeah, sure, i will just forward the port for you" ... and - he can only access the crafty page with Microsoft edge, all other browsers say bad Certificate and don't let you access ...

    ok - np - i just redirect it with my nginx proxy ...

    all right, little test, all right i get the login page of crafty control, easy.

    "i see the login, but after login i only get a 405 ..." was my friend crying .. lets try, yeah, he's right, no way to login ...

    405 Not Allowed


    soo, now you are on; some ideas? what is to change?

    if i local access the crafty server, the url will change to https://IpOfHost:8000/admin/dashboard where "admin" is the username - if i try to login with mydomain.tld/crafty - it change zu mydomain.tld after klicking login.

    hopefully someone have an idea what to change to get it working.



    OMV5@AsRock j3455 8GB RAM

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