There are no user home folders

  • I'm going crazy to understand why users see a folder with their name and a "homes" folder in Windows, but can't enter.

    Now, from the terminal I go to /etc/passwd and see that users have a home folder under /home and not under the shared folder created by me and indicated in Access Rights Management/Users/Settings.

    However there are no user folders neither under my shared folder nor under /home.

    Only the first user has a home folder which I use for a background service

    Obviously all users have been created inside the OMV GUI and after activating the service for home folders both in ARM/ Users/Settings and in SMB-CIFS

    At this point what can I do?

    I could also create normal shared folders to be assigned to individual users, but users cannot see folders with their name and cannot open them.

    Nor can I disable all home folders because the service user must be able to see his.

    The shared folder named "homes" that I see in Windows which OMV folder does it correspond to?

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  • OMV does not create user home directories by intention. You can enable the feature in Access Rights Management | Users | Settings. But i don't know anymore if this only applies for new users then.

    Do not close a thread if you can not give an answer.

    OMV has always created user folders, just as it created it again for the first user.

    In any case, the question is not so much why as what to do now.

  • Are the user with home folder under /home are really created using the WebUI? If i look into the source code this is impossible. The configured shared folder is always used.

    According to the source code the home directories should be created when you disable and re-enable the home folder feature in Access Rights Management | Users | Settings. Note, this only applies to users that are in the users group.

  • I have in fact disabled and re-enabled the home folder feature.

    However, as I said, I have four users, all created in the GUI, but only one, the first, has its Home folder.

    But in the Windows File Manager if I type \\ IP-Address everyone sees a user folder as if it exists.

    Then, problem within problem, the second user created is able to access the all shared folders.

    The other two see shared folders, but cannot access them.

    I have checked all the entries and everything seems correct.

    I don't want to have to reinstall everything as I have already loaded 170GB into the file system

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